Top Best Free Flashlight Apps for Android

Flashlight is an important feature of any smartphone, and that is the main reason Flashlight apps are becoming popular these days. The majority of the phones feature a flashlight toggle control in quick settings. There are still some phones available in the market that don’t have this by default.

1. Color Flashlight

First through to the list is Color Flashlight. If you find your phone screen or LED not bright enough to be used as a beacon of light, this app’s for you! This app allows you to turn your phone into a shade flashlight, police light, disco light, candle and LED banner. In addition, it allows you to change the color and brightness of phone screen. You can also simulate police light, candlelight, disco ball, and more. This app can come handy next time you have a flat tire at night of night.

2. Flashlight

This is one of the finest free flashlight apps readily available for download. The name of the flashlight app itself is Flashlight. This app is easy, lightweight and absolves to install. This app allows you to keep consistently the LED ON despite closing the flashlight app or after the screen is locked. This app is sold with home screen widgets of three different sizes and one lock screen widget. The best thing relating to this app is that it doesn’t collect personal information.

3. Super Bright LED Flashlight

That one is unquestionably among the brightest flashlight apps on the market, instantly turning your device into a bright flashlight. This app guarantees super bright flashlight and also supports Strobe/Blinking Mode. With stunning graphics, that one is unquestionably worth the download!

4. Flashlight HD LED

Next through to the list is FlashLight HD LED. This app is really simple, smartly designed and utilizes your home screen and LED flash to make a flashlight. In addition, it lets you employ your full screen as a shade light lamp. You can include a widget for quick access. Give that one a try if you should be looking for simple, well-designed free flashlight app.

5. Torch

This app is one of the finest free flashlight apps. Not many apps are as simple as this app. And also this is some of those very few safe android flashlight apps. A friendly app without any ads. Yes, no ads whatsoever! With significantly less than 1MB, it’s great for those who wish to own a lightweight app.

6. Tiny Flashlight + LED

Tiny Flashlight + LED is really a simple, free, flashlight app with LED light and several screen modes. Free plugins like the Strobe, Morse, and Blinking lights get this flashlight one of the finest productivity tools for the device. This app needs network permissions to show ads.

7. Privacy Flashlight

Created by Snoopwall, this one’s surely got to be the best free flashlight app that respects your privacy as much as you do! Privacy Flashlight uses minimum storage footprint (lesser than 1MB) and contains a widget that you can include on your house screen. This app follows a minimalistic design and will surprise you with the simplicity of use. Also requires very minimal permissions.

8. TeslaLED Flashlight

Next through to the 10 best free flashlight app download list is TeslaLED. With wide features such as widgets, Morse Code and Strobe, Police Screen Light, Screen Light, notification icon, widget styles, widget locker support and many more, the program is really for feature-savvy users. This app is manufactured by the developers of Nova Launcher and WidgetLocker app. So we realize this app may be trusted.

9. Amazing Flashlight

This app lives up to its name – it’s amazingly good looking. But not too user-friendly. Along with several features common to those made available from other flashlight apps, this app supplies a unique “Night-vision” mode. In addition, it lets you send emergency SOS signals. A compass that comes as part of this app helps you discover directions in case you are lost. But this app does need many permissions.

10. White Light Flashlight

White Light Flashlight is one of the finest free flashlight apps since it needs very minimal permissions. Without ads or unnecessary permissions and a choice to control the flashlight from the lock screen, this app is some of those free flashlight apps that respect user’s feedback and modifies them accordingly. This app allows you to activate phone’s flashlight with a swipe. You are able to choose between light and dark them and also adjust screen brightness.

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