Top Best Free Android Launcher Apps

An Android launcher is an application which is specially prepared to change the functionality of an android device and consumer interface without any destruction to the operating system. Customization of the property screen is one of the changes a launcher makes. A launcher offers the possibility an Android user to improve animations, change the transition from screen to the other, modify the icons, and alter the dock style.

1. Smart Launcher 2

Designed for free on Google Play Store, the Smart launcher 2 is without question the best launcher for Android.It compares to no other with regards to user interface. The app drawer, that is easy to get at from the house screen, is divided into six categories. This launcher is good for people who do not like many app screens. The app allows users to cover up apps. The house screen has a search box, where you are able to automatically search apps and also search the internet.

2. Go Launcher

Go Launcher could be the best Android Launcher for advanced Android users. The launcher comes with an endless list of features. There are so many themes to select from if your goal would be to customize your smartphone. It also has amazing plugins and widgets. In addition to the ads, the rest makes this launcher one of the greatest Android launchers. You may get it from Play Store.

3. Apus Android Launcher

Apus launcher has out-of-the-world transition effects and beautiful themes. This application has a wide range of wallpapers, customization styles, and icon packs, and doesn’t digest your RAM. In a net shell, the Apus launcher is a variety of performance and customization. It can be obtained free of charge on Google Play Store.

4. Hola Launcher

For Android Phones, Hola launcher could be the reliable launcher with low specs. You are able to customize everything on your home screen and app drawer. There are tons of icon packs to select from if you are unsatisfied with the design of the default icons. A worth mentioning feature is here which allows you automatic wallpaper change after 24 hours.

5. Action Launcher

Action launcher is sold with unique customization features. The consumer interface is simple and intuitive. It is possible to customize the desktop to accommodate your needs. The sole drawback is that this launcher drains the RAM and processor- it may not be ideal for low-end smartphones.

6. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher comes with an variety of features and lets you customize the apps drawer. A backup/ restore function is also here and you can hide apps effortlessly. A paid version of this launcher is available which is certainly better compared to free version. Download the free version first to check the performance of the Nova Launcher. Nova launcher requires Android 2.2 or later.

7. C Launcher

Customization of the property screen hasn’t been easier without C Launcher. The large icons and smooth transition effects allow it to be one of the greatest Android launchers. The HD wallpapers and gorgeous themes increase the charm of the launcher. It can be obtained free of charge and may be installed via Google play store.

8. CM Launcher

CM Launcher is secure and relatively fast. It includes a speed boost and an anti-virus scan engine. The launcher allows users to group apps into smaller drawers. It generally does not allow much customization as it doesn’t have icon packs and themes. You may get the CM launcher free of charge on Play Store or various mirror hosting sites.

9. Apex Launcher

The very best feature of the launcher could be the highly customizable home screen. If you like customizing your home screen frequently, this is actually the best Android launcher for you. From the Apex Launcher, you can get benefit with friendly and an easy to use ‘hide app’feature. Enjoy amazing transition effects and Download it free of cost from Play Store.

10. Google Now

For Android fanatics seeking the best Android experience, Google Now could be the best Android launcher.In many Android devices, it is the default launcher. However, some phone vendors do not use it since the default launcher, but you can download it from the Play Store. Google frequently update it to ensure the best user experience. With Google Now, expect no bugs. The unique feature of Google Now could be the ‘Personal assistant for Android ‘.

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