Top Best Fitness Games

The best fitness games we’ve compiled in this list are all worth your own time if you’re obsessed with health. Game consoles were couch-ridden experiences before Nintendo decided to shake things up by releasing the Wii in 2006. It revolutionized just how people looked over such entertainment. And Microsoft and Sony were quick to check out by releasing their particular motion-controlled accessories that encouraged developers to generate titles that will force us to have our behinds off the sofas and play games using something more than our thumbs. A lot of titles out there are targeted at fitness enthusiasts and at those people who have a fetish for maintaining their figures. Let’s have a review of 8 such games which are the best in town.

  1. Wii Fit Plus

Aerobics, muscle building, yoga asanas – you name it, this game has it all. Wii Fit Plus can simply be called the greatest fitness program for your family. It comes bundled with a Balance Board, which is required to perform nearly all of its routines.

  1. EA Sports Active 2

Now here is a game that may be enjoyed on the three home consoles. EA Sports Active 2 centers on body-toning and even comprises a 30 Day Challenge mode which proffers you routines which are tailor-made to match your amount of fitness.

  1. Zumba Fitness 2

Dance enthusiasts will already be aware concerning the Columbian Zumba program which became quite a development when its DVDs started hitting the markets. The game industry didn’t want to feel left out it appears; by 2010, there had been a title launched for consoles.

  1. The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout

This game has celebrated personal trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels to steer you during your own stint on the hit reality show. Making use of the Kinect accessory, the main one lets you select from preset compilations of workout programs that containing quick and targeted exercises.

  1. UFC Personal Trainer

One of the most sought after games out there definitely has to be UFC Personal Trainer. This title is specifically designed for those inclined towards fighting styles and fighting styles.

  1. Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012

Everything including yoga, boot camp training, cardio boxing, jump rope as also, Latin, Hip-hop, African and Bollywood dance routines has been one of them Kinect-only game. Customizable workouts based on your own fitness levels, goals, schedules and preferences can be found as well, along with exercises which are directed at specific parts of the body such as the abs, arms, legs, glutes and more.

  1. Kinect Sports Season 2

This next game inside our catalog isn’t positioned as you, but continues to be a very good means to sweat it out in your living rooms. It provides you with six exciting sports in addition to unique challenges and activities for every of them. You can enjoy as your Xbox Live avatar and even earn special rewards for the same. And the game’s online component enables you to contend with family and friends in the six sports.

  1. Fit in Six

Cardio, balance, chest muscles strength, lower body strength, core strength and flexibility are the six aspects of fitness referred to in this game’s moniker. Additionally, it proffers motivating statistics like stamina, body strength, flexibility and coordination, while permitting you to enjoy individually tailored workouts that may be expanded with downloadable routines. Furthermore, you can upload your own music tracks to match your workouts.

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