Top Best Endless Running Games like Subway Surfers

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Subway surfers is a fantastic endless running game. Whenever you install and run it, you may find options to choose a personality, buy accessories, coins, etc.  You can find male and female characters in Subway Surfers. As a fresh player, you will have the ability to play Subway Surfers with only 1 character. You can unlock the residual characters by collecting gold coins. The overall game is much less easy as it appears to be. You can come across many hurdles.

The overall game speed increase if your character survives for a few minutes. Moreover, a cop will be behind you. When the cop comes touching you, the overall game will be over. Combined with gold coins, you may find hidden surprises on the way. The overall game features a leaderboard where you may find a list of players who’ve managed to collect probably the most gold coins.

Subway Surfers can be an immensely popular game. When you have been playing it for several months, you may have unlocked all characters as a result of which can find the overall game boring. In cases like this, download and run any of the below best games like Subway Surfers.

Sonic Dash 2

SD2 may be the successor to 1 of the most used games ever, the Sonic Dash. The overall game features 3D graphics and many challenging tasks. It’s been developed by SEGA. In Sonic Dash 2, your character must run on a single the three tracks displayed on the screen. An individual is allowed to change to another track for collecting objects like orbs, rings, etc. Like Subway Surfers, the SD2 game features hidden objects which will make the smoothness indestructible for a few seconds.

Despicable Me

One of the greatest games like Subway Surfers is without question Despicable Me. DM can be an endless running game with adorable and colorful characters called Minions. The smoothness you choose will be running in a dangerous environment with lots of obstacles. You must keep your eyes opened else the smoothness will die. Like the Subway Surfers game, you are able to control the movement of the smoothness by swiping right or left. Collecting bananas is the principal object of the Despicable Me game. DM features many hidden objects for improving the gameplay. It packs iconic locations which are found in the Despicable Me movie. It’s hidden surprises and superb 3D graphics.

Temple Run 2

If you prefer adventure, trekking, and surprises, then Temple Run 2 is for you. Produced by Imangi Studios, this game has over 1 billion players. It’s the sequel to Temple Run. Temple Run 2 offers many new obstacles, nice graphics, and a lot of power-ups to really make the game more enjoyable. It’s new obstacles and neat graphics. The overall game includes four unique characters, each having their very own abilities. Like Subway Surfers, you will have the ability to play with only 1 character initially. If you have collected enough gems/coins, you will have the ability to unlock the residual characters. Aside from collecting gems & coins, the target in this game is survival.

Jetpack Joyride

In JJ, you have to control the movements of a personality called Barry who has broken a top-secret lab and annexed a jetpack. The laboratory is protected with various guns and hi-tech weapons. You must ensure that Barry is unharmed by the attacks.The Jetpack is easy is to control. Like other endless games we’ve shared in this post, you must collect coins which can be later used for equipping Barry with new stuff. It’s difficult to get out the laboratory. How long can you survive?

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