Top Best Emoticon Apps for iPhone

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In the event that you finally deigned to use this form of communication only since the remaining world does, do get familiar with what they mean. And if you’re wondering just how to recover deleted texting, emoticon messages, contact lists and other lost files from iPhone, you can hit up the Wondershare Dr. Fone app for iOS. Before we start with this list, we’d like to point out that emoji are hidden within the native iPhone keyboard too. In order to enable them in iOS, go to Settings and tap on General.

7 Best Emoticon Apps for iPhone

  1. Animated 3D Emoji

This tool on our round of best emoticon apps for iPhone features an array of 460 emojis. These icons may be used in mails, Facebook, Twitter and MMS/texts on the iPhone. Developer Yongchen Tang has thrown in some really fun 3D artwork independent of the staples such as cuddly animals, love-struck smileys and so on. Don’t know what we mean? Try a ninja and Elvis Presley for starters.

  1. emoji 2 emoticon art free

Break far from that routine of sending one emoji at any given time with this specific next candidate within our roster. As creator John Murray puts it ‘This is simply not a just text. It’s an art.’ But don’t take our word for this; just go through the cool text, special characters and emoticons smashed into single ‘art pieces’ to obtain a notion of what it’s like.

  1. Emoji Emoticons Pro

So you’re waiting for something which goes slightly off the beaten path? Avocado Hills brings you this neat little offering which can be used in most of your iOS applications. The entire set comprises of 1000 icons or symbols and counting.

  1. Emoji Free Emoticon Keyboard

This entrant within our lineup of apps might appear like it’s targeted towards people who want more options while using the WhatsApp, Facebook or Kik Messenger. But developer Simon Huang also declares that you could drop the emojis almost anywhere you’re permitted to enter text.

  1. Emoji 😉

Here’s yet another one which claims to be an artsy pick in this queue of apps for iPhone. You can use these animated icons while naming folders in iOS and in your contact lists too. You will find over 3500 emoji’s art pictures from which to choose here.

  1. Emoji for iOS 7

This free application has 15 types of emoji art pieces, (meaning a photo made from several icons, in case you didn’t get it) all of that the developer calls presets. It even includes fancy fonts to allow you to hit out words in various styles. Lastly, Apalon Apps has even tossed in a Word Maker element which turns your text into emojis automatically.

  1. XEmoji 2

Emojis are typical the rage in Japan where carriers create a killing from selling them to customers. They’re becoming very popular than ever with people across the planet too. We’re sure you use them on a regular basis too. But do guess what happens these emoticons are a symbol of?

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