Top Best Cricket Games for PC

All these games have enjoyed immense popularity among fans of the game previously, and still hold relevance for them thanks for their incredible offerings. Cricket video gaming haven’t managed to get as popular as football titles, and there are lots of reasons for that, the prime one being the sport’s stunted reach among nations as compared to football.

7 Best Cricket Games for PC

  1. Ashes Cricket 2009

One of many biggest sporting rivalries in sport, The Ashes always brings out the finest cricket from the privileged players who get to take part in it. The 2009 Ashes series was a rather eventful one with England having won back the much revered urn. And this edition of the biennial series even had a game title to go with it in the form of Ashes Cricket 2009. Its main mode simulates the entire 5-match Test series, while the title even offers a variety of other modes such as for example Test Cricket, ODIs, Twenty20s and more. Gameplay is superb, with new and intuitive bowling and batting systems and a lot more fresh additions. Although all important teams have now been incorporated into it, England and Australia are the only real licensed ones, which really is a tiny downer.

  1. Cricket 07

This game arrived in 2006, and managed to grab quite some acclaim for the superb offerings. A large amount of scenarios are created possible by its different modes, directed at providing everything from Tests, ODIs to T20s and customized matches. Cricket 07 also grabs your hands on new and improved control mechanics as well as fresh camera angles. The game only features licensed player names and kits of Australia, England, South Africa and New Zealand. And moreover, there are always a ton of mods available out there which further infuse the overall game with added skins like those for IPL, CLT20 and a whole lot more.

  1. Brian Lara International Cricket 2007

The release of Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 coincided with the 2007 Cricket World Cup that has been being played in the West Indies during that time. Its stellar gameplay aside, this title is the very first ever cricket gaming to feature online play, making it a fantastic treat to revel in. A neat thing about it’s so it kicks in all official teams, stadiums, kits and equipment of the World Cup tournament. Brian Lara International Cricket 2007 is sold in Australia and New Zealand as Ricky Ponting International Cricket 2007, and in India as Yuvraj Singh International Cricket 2007.

  1. International Cricket Captain 2013

Developed by a business which goes on the name of Childish Things, International Cricket Captain 2013 is more of a management simulation than an action-based cricket game. It lets you assume the responsibility of the captain of a team and lead it towards world domination. As usual, various different modes are available to jump into, including online multiplayer, and that’s where this title really shines. International Cricket Captain 2013 can be downloaded now through its official site.

  1. Stick Cricket

We all know we’re moving away from mainstream titles, but when there’s one flash game you wouldn’t desire to miss as a cricket fan, it has to be Stick Cricket. Focusing only on the batting aspect of the game, it presents simple and swift gameplay requiring you to attain runs-based objectives. Despite being truly a flash game, Stick Cricket surprises with incredibly satisfying mechanics. You can enjoy it on PC on its official site, or by firing up your Facebook, which also includes a Partnerships edition of the overall game allowing asynchronous multiplayer gameplay.

  1. Cricket Coach 2014

Another management simulation game out of this listing of ours, Cricket Coach 2014 is just a extremely detailed title which features updated career statistics of over 6000 players from around the world. Moreover, it even offers you the opportunity to play out series because they happen in real life. If basic cricket match simulation and management is something you’re looking for, Cricket Coach 2014 has to be bought by you.

  1. Cricket Revolution

Independently developed by a Pakistan-based studio named Mindstorm, Cricket Revolution is a varied multiplayer title which features a number of the finest cricket-based gameplay you’ll ever experience. Fully polished batting and bowling systems aside, it even kicks in local and global tournaments as well as leaderboards. And it will feature single-players modes for individuals who don’t wish to take things online. Released back 2009, Cricket Revolution can be downloaded now through Steam. If you’re a lover of cricket, and you eventually like indulging in online multiplayer matches, Cricket Revolution definitely deserves to be purchased by you.

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