Top Best Campaign Games for PC

Its 2017 year and several trends have changed, specifically in the gaming industry. The gaming market is now depending on pay-to-win games, multiplayer focus, loot boxes and who knows what. No, we aren’t pointed in the right direction, developers! Campaign games have fallen to the oblivion as every game now exploits that multiplayer side in the gaming. Today, I’m here to attempt to bring the games with a great campaign for the front. Screw multiplayer, let’s go single player! Below is definitely the directory of best PC games with great campaigns; enjoy!

  1. DOOM

It will be a criminal offense to this game if it had not been on our list! DOOM is among the most brutal, satisfying, filthy, evil and kick-ass shooter ever! I am talking about, there are not many better things than killing demons and enjoying heavy-ass-metal music while doing so. Shooting with all your shotgun, rifle or pistol has never been this satisfying and the ones glory kills are extremely awesome, that I usually find myself tearing some heads in the demons! Lover great campaign experience, DOOM is the best way to start, folks! Grab some guns and let’s kill!

  1. Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is short but sweet game that many of us love… not less than individuals who played it! It is designed with a compelling campaign which it is advisable to swallow whole, in one go! It’s really a well-balanced game, offering a great combat with each a person’s characters and blitzing your Titan. And, oh, boy will it feel so great! Those Titan encounters are something I’ll remember always. The bullets flying, explosives pounding throughout you as your Titan advance and tear the crap from your enemies… that’s too satisfying and badass! Go and act NOW!

  1. Battlefield 1

WW1 has never been this good similar to this game. Oh, well then, i’ll just count how many WW1 games we’ve had before Battlefield 1. I forgot, very little. This first-person shooter will take your breath away with its visuals, as Frostbite engine is the main force here. In addition, Battlefield 1 campaign is full of memorable and touching moments, as well as charismatic characters that you’re going to love. Aside from this campaign, Battlefield 1 has a fantastic multiplayer component, and if you grow sick and tired with an offer, you can easily jump right into the net mode!

  1. FIFA 18

Why the hell is a football game during this list? Well, if you played FIFA 18 or FIFA 17, you know that these games include campaigns. But, how good an offer over these games could be, i hear you ask me. And Let me answer which has a very positive answer. It’s awesome! Its campaign means that you can feel like an accurate football star when you make sympathies or rivalries with all the other players and score those goddamn goals! FIFA 18 also introduced a FIFA Street match here, for your dose of nostalgia. FIFA 18 is a total and supreme game on the subject of the sports genre; simply unmatched!

  1. Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 was suffering from its bad optimization if this released, and I was almost unable to act on my own mid-range GPU. Initially, I just thought this is another crappy console port, but I changed my opinion. Dishonored 2 is good for true stealth fans, and I’m one of them. It is quite challenging and desires that you think carefully about every move, although you should have some powers you can use, based on the character you choose. There may be Coro and there is Emily. I don’t need to introduce them since they are both ass-kicking characters!

  1. Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty was without this compelling campaign ever since the Black Ops reign, and a welcome addition to the gaming world. For individuals who complain around the short quality in this campaign… well, check out hell! The campaign in COD WWII is extremely good, offering well-acted characters and a Great War story for the squad to experience. Sure, the space isn’t great, as this is 2017 year, but hey, there is a multiplayer in addition to that, so jump in, if you wish.

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