Top Best Audio Editing Apps for Android


Have you been an audiophile? Do you take into account your audio collection as a prized possession? If your response to any of these questions is in the affirmative, then you have arrived at the proper place. You’d have a lot of audio tracks on your own smartphone but let us be honest – not all of them are absolutely flawless. There could be some parts of a couple of audio tracks that that you do not like. If this really is true, then you can certainly change those areas and produce your collection near perfect. Today, maybe you are wondering how to do that? Well, without more ado, this is a listing of Prime most useful audio editing apps for Android you need to use:

1. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Sound Evolution Mobile Studio, an intuitive software to complete some advanced audio editing. This software offers some great characteristics like equalizer, trap playback, multi-track, and MIDI taking.You can find other available choices as effectively, like making you select from a listing of electronic tools and insert their noise while editing and introducing effects like refrain, compressor, reverb, etc.

2. WavePad Master’s Edition

With WavePad Master’s Edition, you are able to sometimes select to include audio tracks from your own phone’s storage or you are able to report them your self as well. You could add effects such as for instance boost, normalize, and decrease.The software also comes with a sound cancellation feature that is quickly triggered whenever you elect to report an audio from within the app.

3. Voice PRO

Voice PRO can be an audio editing software that can work with higher than a hundred audio forms.You can render audio tracks to up to 32 kbps and also insert audio of your own. Voice PRO lets you merge two audio tracks even if they are of different formats. An individual can change their properties like get, time, and reverb, and render them to a variety of audio formats.

4. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is what you ought to have on your own Android smartphone. Using its top quality synthesizers, sampler, drum packages, and sliced-loop beats, FL Studio Mobile can leave you mesmerized. The software has different effects such as audio ducker, distortion, equalizer, and delays and also comes with a several test presets. Coming with MIDI controller help, you can enjoy configurable electronic instruments.

5. Recording Studio

Recording Studio lets you report, change, and combine your audio files. You could add up to 24 audio paths picked sometimes from your own tracks or from the electronic tool paths within the app. Recording Studio supports WAV or MP3 audio tracks from your own system and lets you combine them even though you are offline. Furthermore, you receive a configurable metronome and pace including 30 – 260 BPM.

6. Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor is really a free software that lets you change files and save yourself them in your ideal audio format. You can replicate and stick audio tracks in one file to a different to make a mix. In the software, you are able to modify the pace, speed, and frequency of an audio file. Having an audio file added to the software, you are able to trim it, put in a diminish in or diminish out, insert stop, or even erase some element of it.

7. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is not quite an audio editing software, nonetheless it can cause some wonderful music. Inspired by rack-mount synthesizers, the software allows you decide on up to 14 products from an option of many like Subsynth, BeatBox, Vocoder, FMSynth, 8BitSynth, etc. To make points fascinating, you can add up to 2 effects per unit.

8. AudioDroid


AudioDroid allows you change and combine an array of audio formats. You can change audio tracks to produce whether ringtone or an alarm or possibly a notice tone. Apply traditional effects to your audio tracks with a 3-band equalizer, filtration, pace, or reverb. The software comes with some predefined presets such as for instance bass, corridor reverb, and show corridor reverb to assist you include some traditional effects with a single tap.

9. Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker comes with the essential characteristics like replicate and stick, diminish in and diminish out, and size adjustment. This software is a superb choice to produce custom ringtones, alerts, and notification tones. You also get the possibility to set the ringtone from within the software.Currently, you are able to edit MP3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AAC (M4A), and 3GPP/AMR audio files.

10. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker comes packed with the fundamental editing features. The users may get benefit by using this application to generate alerts, ringtones, or notice tones. The start and end situations of the audio can be set physically for precise timing. If you want, you may even report your own personal audio for editing.

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