Top Best Apps to Hide Images and Videos on Android


Only a few the images inside our phone are designed to make sure by anyone. We can have numerous private pictures that are simply stored for your eyes. Unfortunately, anyone may grab their hands on your smartphone or you will may accidentally hand out your phone for a friend. This leads to compromising your privacy ultimately causing potential harm. So, what you require is ways to hide each of the photos and videos which you don’t want others to see. A high level Android user, Google Play Store has tons of apps to cover up photos and videos, that can be used for Free! Here, we certainly have gathered the very best photo and video hiding apps positioned on the Play Store. You simply need pick one which sounds best best.

1. Hide Pictures in Vaulty

Vaulty is amongst the oldest and most efficient app for covering pictures and movies on Android with around 4 a lot of presence. It provides a straightforward interface many different advanced features. It’s easy to hide pictures and videos through your phone Gallery into Vaulty, and after that password-protect it so no you can access it.

2. Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos

Vault is surely an all-round app for hiding all the info with your phone including, photos and videos, SMS, contacts and even Apps. It’s easy to add more or less everything data for a vault and after that password protects it to be sure not a soul has access to it. Furthermore, it has some interesting advanced features to protect your phone’s data. You may create a Fake Vault with fake pictures to fool people into thinking they’ve already accessed the real vault. Also you can hide the vault app itself, so not a soul will understand that the app even exists.

3. KeepSafe Vault

KeepSafe is another fully highlighted app with a lot of modification choices and tips to protect your photos. It provides a simple interface for quick navigation and photos can be added in with it right from the device Gallery. All the photos inside is usually protected with PIN, and considering the KeepSafe your app list will not likely show its presence.

4. Hide Pictures Hide it Pro

This is another all-round app that allows you to hide pictures, videos, apps, SMS and contacts with only few taps. What’s even better, it’s completely absolve to use and you do not need any kind of premium subscription. The app works as an Audio manager to cover up its identity make certain data safety.

5. Safe Gallery Free

It is a simple media hiding app that should password protect your entire media files within the Gallery. The details is usually protected with three various kinds of locks – Pin, Password and Pattern protection. It will likewise backup your entire data within the app which means you could restore it within the situation of information loss.

6. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a picture and video hiding app with robust customization options. You can add password/Pin within the app and as well within the albums inside it. This allows you to add two passwords on your own Photos/ videos, first one to view the app and second to view the photos into the albums.

7. Fotox

When you need good quality security and backup features for the private photos, then Fotox is an honest app. It includes four varieties of locking methods – including Pin, Password, Pattern and Face Detection. It is possible to conveniently add photos and videos for a vault by subtracting the photo with the app, sharing these to Fotox or searching the gallery.

8. Photo Locker

Photo Locker is an effective app for media security and privacy of your data. This doesn’t happen upload any data on the app servers, protecting your privacy and great security features. All the info inside Photo Locker is encrypted to be sure no you can notice even whenever they get full therapy for the phone.

9. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock has an intuitive interface and provides full functionalities a single package. Although, it won’t have anything unique however it combines each of the common (important) features into a single intuitive interface. The app can lock your entire private photos and videos with password protection and allow you to navigate your media into the app.

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