Top Best Apps Like TuTuApp

When you yourself have been using the TuTuApp, you may be wondering what other apps like TuTuApp are out there. We are going to tell you five of the best TuTuApp alternatives on the market right now. Before we do this though, we wanted to tell you a tad bit more about TuTuApp. This is a Chinese app store that lets you download many different types of apps for free. Even paid apps are free on TuTuApp.


We are putting vShare at the top of our set of apps like TuTuApp available for you right now. This third-party application store works on both platform such as iOS and Android and lets you install both apps free and paid apps without problems.

Mobogenie Market

If we’re speaking frankly about apps like TuTuApp, we’ve to say, Mobogenie Market. This really is one of the most well-known app stores on the market that works on both iOS and Android. You can find tens and thousands of apps on Mobogenie Market for you to choose from, with some being paid apps and others being free apps.


25pp is one of the best apps like TuTuApp available, and it resembles TuTuApp when it comes to it not being completely in English. Although there are always a lot of things in 25pp that are still in Chinese, it is still straightforward once you get the basics down. You need to have a jailbroken device in order to use 25pp, nonetheless, it works on both iOS and Android.


Another great option if you are searching for apps like TuTuApp is SlideMe. This is a very similar app to TuTuApp and it provides you with the usage of tons of paid and free apps. You may find that SlideMe is more functional and aimed at Android devices. You are able to download free apps and paid apps, and the consumer interface is quite user-friendly and simple to understand. You are able to search by an app name in SlideMe or you can just browse the various categories for sale in SlideMe. You are going to be amazed at the quantity and quality of the apps available within SlideMe.


Lastly, if we’re speaking frankly about apps like TuTuApp then we’ve to say Zeusmos. This really is an app very similar to TuTuApp where you can install apps no matter whether or not they are paid apps or not. This program works with both iOS and Android and lets you install the apps on the jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. This really is one of the best third-party app stores on the market, although it isn’t free.

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