Top Best Apps for Your Moto 360 Smartwatch


The Moto 360 is a stunning looking smartwatch. Once we stated inside our Moto 360 review, Android Wear is still evolving and that’s the reason we’ve to rely on third party applications to improve performance on the Moto 360. You will discover a large amount of applications created for Android Wear on the Bing Enjoy Store but you will find many defectively enhanced applications too. This is exactly why it’s crucial you obtain the correct applications in your Moto 360 smartwatch that add to the full smartwatch experience.

1. Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini Launcher is one software that fully revamps the Moto 360’s interface. The smartwatch launcher implements various motions to enable you to do some responsibilities quickly and easily. The app revamps smartwatch’s watch experience, software cabinet, designs and delivers active actions. It also features various watch encounters along with modification alternatives for toggles, layout, designs, shades and more.

2. Evernote for Android Wear

Unlike every other popular applications, Evernote features a standalone software created for Android Wear devices. The use software delivers power to build notes right from your own smartwatch, check to-dos, search for notes and more. Also, it assures to sync your notes with the smartphone software, to make sure that you are able to begin remembering something on the smartwatch and finish it down in your smartphone.

3. Coffee SMS

Coffee SMS promises your Moto 360 can be a completely ready concept device. The program lets you easily produce or solution an SMS without awkwardly conversing together with your watch in public. It features hundreds of step-by-step set messages categorized for different moods along with support for FlickKey use keyboard to form your messages manually. Different features contain capacity to quickly release the software through various motions & movements and power to modify vibration habits for an essential contact and more.

4. WatchMaker Watch Face

WatchMaker View Face features a large amount of watch faces and you can produce your own watch experience with lively GIFs, custom animations, text & gyroscope consequences, active activities and more. You can also choose among various infos to present in your watch experience like schedule, temperature, countdowns, tasker, stopwatch, compass, heartrate etc.

5. FlickKey Keyboard

In place of populating your smartwatch’s small present with tips, FlickKey delivers six huge tips consisting on letters & symbols. You can show or faucet these tips in 8 different directions and the keyboard software delivers forecasts to decide on from. FlickKey keyboard is supported by various message applications, so that you can response manually. The software has quite a steep understanding curve but you might be ready to form quickly when you feel accustomed to it.

6. Video for Android Wear

While the title suggests, Video for Android Wear software enables you to watch videos in your Moto 360 smartwatch. The software enables you to research and play YouTube videos through easy style commands. It offers Bluetooth headphones and audio support or you may also cast a movie through Chromecast. The entire edition of the software also lets you select among various YouTube stations for videos.

7. Wear Audio Recorder

The Moto 360 smartwatch in your hand can turn into a quite discreet music recorder and the Wear Audio Camera software enables you to do precisely that. The software files audios even as soon as you turn fully off the monitor and you are able to sync recorded audios to Dropbox or Bing Drive.

8. IF by IFTTT

IF by IFTTT can be a of use software that enables you to build associations between different applications to produce “recipes” for all results or actions. For example, you are able to set the Moto 360 to deliver a text to some body as soon as you faucet the smartwatch. You can contain plenty of new “recipes” in your smartphone to work on the Moto 360.

9. Calendar

The Calendar for Android Wear software delivers your schedule & functions to the Moto 360 smartwatch. It delivers per month see, where you are able to swipe remaining or correct to alter months. Also, it syncs functions from your own smartphone and you may also see them in your Moto 360 along with appointment details.

10. Calculator

Because of the Calculator for Android Wear software, you may make calculations correct in your Moto 360 without the need of taking out your phone. The software helps both standard functions along with scientific functions. You can move between both functions easily and you are able to input calculations through style commands or faucet them on the display.

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