Top Best Android Utility Apps


Android is a mature platform today and Android products aren’t restricted to just being communication products these days. With the immense computational power and the huge amount of applications available for the platform, many individuals use their Android smartphones as a tool for formula, rating and to check a variety of things. That’s not totally all, there are many applications and methods for android, like state code manager or automation software that can make your daily life a whole lot easier. So, if you’re in a temper to produce your times successful with your Android smartphone and you are seeking to find the best Android energy applications to achieve that, we have you covered. I have assembled a list of top best Android utility applications that you ought to absolutely use:

1. Smart Tools

Smart Tools software provides around 40 smart DIY metering methods that can be very of use, such as for instance a leader, bubble level, car pace check, sound meter, vibro meter, metal detector, club code/QR signal protection and that’s just the top of it. All of the scales could be calibrated and it helps both full and imperial device models alongside a few languages.

2. All-In-One Unit Calculator

All-In-One Unit Calculator is really a alternative for the everyday formula needs. It is really free and clear software that can get you throughout the day without having to bother about the difficult formulae and actually changing currency rates. It features over 50 calculators for device conversions. It helps calculations for Algebra, Geometry, Product Transformation, Financing, Wellness, Design and Passed time.

3. LastPass Password Manager

The LastPass Password Manager app preserves passwords of your multiple accounts, and also creates new passwords for you personally, so you always remain current on security. The software needs a grasp password or fingerprint to start, to ensure that only you are able to entry the saved info. As soon as you open the software, you can add or update your accounts and you can even add records to keep particular information like bank-account facts, Wi-Fi passwords, etc.

4. IP Tools Network Utilities

IP Tools Network Utilities performs on Linux method and may fetch IP, SSID, broadcast handle, gateway, system disguise and more. You are able to work track path and ping orders to any destination to check if any system is living or not. It is probable to utilize the software to analyze and optimize a system with ease.

5. All-In-One ToolBox

All-In-One Toolbox is really a one stop solution to handle you storage, efficiency, battery, and privacy. That software will save you from minimal storage woes. You need to use it as crap solution, history eraser, pace enhancement, software manager, file manager, solitude guarder and more. The software features a compass to, properly, show the path, a QR & barcode protection for easily reading the data you need and more.

6. HiPER Scientific Calculator

Even with the many functions that Android brings, a full-fledged medical calculator is not among one of them. HiPER Scientific Calculator software is an alternative solution for that. It presents log prices, trigonometry, complex root features and significantly more. It is fast rising popular software which is often really useful for engineers and students.

7. ColorNote

You may save records, memos, email, messages and to-do lists in ColorNote. What I enjoy about any of it software is the vehicle save feature; you are able to begin writing and leave anytime, the notice might nevertheless be there. You are able to change along with of records and organize them predicated on it. That’s not totally all; the software actually allows you to add sweaty records as widgets. Other top features of the software contain the ability to find records, copy records, and more.


IFTTT is really strong software that allows you automate jobs and add contacts between different applications & services. For instance, you are able to configure the software to add the photo to your cloud storage after you share it on Instagram or Facebook. The software employs “Applets” to trigger jobs and you will find lots of applets to use from the official IFTTT website. The software can be obtained for free and comes with no in-app purchases.

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