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We’re now seeing multiple Android TV boxes, enabling you to convert any TV with an HDMI port into an Android TV. The Mi Box is effective at streaming 4K HDR video over its HDMI 2.0b port. Things like these have produced Android TVs far more available, and affordable, to far more people. So, if you’ve purchased an Android TV box, or if you’re having an Android TV, This can be a Top best Android TV apps you ought to be using:

1. HopWatch for Reddit

HopWatch for Reddit is definitely an Android TV app that’ll allow you to keep up to date with the most recent photographs, GIFs, and movies, from the comfort of the comfort of your couch, and with the blissful luxury of watching them on your TV. The app covers the “hot” threads from the “pics”, and “videos” subreddits, in addition to the “movies” subreddit.

2. Haystack

Android TV boxes including the Mi Box come set with an array of applications, ranging from music and video streaming apps, to news applications. Haystack is just a news software that you ought to use to stay current on many different matters, from Technology and Technology, Politics and Current Events, to Games, and Film Trailers.

3. Kodi

Kodi is perhaps one of the very powerful media center applications out there. The app can be used to handle all of your media into one central location, which could even be set as much as be accessed remotely. Along with this, Kodi’s abilities may be enhanced with several Kodi add-ons that increase a lot of capacity to the application.

4. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a feature-rich application that could perform an array of functions on your Android TV. You can manage all of your files (obviously), but you can also hook up to a Cloud drive service, create an FTP, or SFTP session with your computer to transfer files, and more.

5. Spotify

When it comes to loading audio, Spotify is undoubtedly the easiest way to go. With the Spotify software on your own Android TV, you can flow audio straight during your Android TV, itself. The best part about using Spotify, is so it includes a free tier service, as well. However with the compensated subscription, you receive endless monitor skipping, and no ads between songs.

6. Netflix

Netflix is always to video loading, what Spotify is always to music. It’s one of many most widely used movie, and TV show streaming platforms in the world. And since Netflix can be obtained almost everywhere in the world, chances are, you have a request already. It includes a wide range of TV shows, and movies to select from, and you will surely find something that interests you.

7. Google Drive

If you like the notion of having usage of your files on your Android TV, there’s no better way than using Google Drive. With Google Drive on your TV, you are able to easily access your entire cloud data, and visualize it on your Android TV. Whilst the Google Drive app is not even available on the Android TV Play Store, you are able to easily sideload the APK from websites.

8. Sideload Launcher

This is the only way you are able to launch sideloaded apps on an Android TV; at the least as of now. So, if you’re considering sideloading apps on your Android TV, you should install this launcher. There are some other launchers that perform the same be Sideload Launcher, but I came across that one to function as the best.

9. Plex

The Plex application is never as powerful as Kodi, and doesn’t obviously have as many plugins either. But where Plex shines, is in the simple way things are organized in the app. Wherever Kodi may search (and feel) overwhelming, Plex posseses an personal software that’s instantly pleasant, and may possibly maybe you have connected in no time. That’s, once you’ve figured out how things work.

10. The Weather Network

The Weather Network is a beautiful weather app for the Android TV. The app has been specifically made to work nicely with Android TVs, and it really shows. There are several sections inside The Weather Network, including “Videos”, “Weather”, “Maps”, and more. You can visit the “Weather” section to view the existing weather at your location, in addition to a 36-hour, and hourly forecast.The app even provides 14 day forecast, if you want to check the weather that far off.

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