Top Best Alternatives To Plex

A Plex alternative with the below mentioned options can be the help to the people who need a replacement. The software consists of a media server and helps you deal with all your digital data either locally or remotely on a compatible system. But in case you are wondering whether there are any similar programs, then you definately should consider all contenders prearranged randomly.

7 Plex Alternative

  1. Windows Media Center

The appliance that comes built in to the Windows OS appears like a great choice for all that watch, record or pause live TV. Filled with enhanced visuals, this Microsoft application can be used for playing slideshows, music or videos from optical drives, local hardrives or network locations. And with a bit of help from Windows Media Center Extenders, you’ll be able to choose to view content on a compatible television.

  1. XBMC

Your next option within this roster of programs like Plex is XBMC, an empty source media player and digital entertainment hub which can be readily available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It acts for an accomplice for a HTPC for remotely managing your data. Having a powerful skinning engine and also a beautiful interface, this application claims to supply support to almost prefer audio and video formats.

  1. PS3 Media Server

This media server compliant with UPnP and DLNA was initially for the purpose of only the PlayStation 3 gaming console, nonetheless it has been expanded to be played with on multiple other devices. For instance , smartphones, tablets, televisions and music players to a few. The Java-based application can run on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux which enable it to stream or transcode many of the common media formats, as it is known for being powered by FFmpeg, MEncoder, AviSynth and tsMuxeR.

  1. Moovida

Moovida can be another software that deserves a mention within this lineup featuring softwares just like Plex. They come in two different interfaces, one of which allows you to manage your digital content on the computer system, whilst the other one makes it easier that you should play digital content about the PC or a TV. You will need to setup a link between the concerned devices via HDMI, VGA or utilising an S-Video cable.

  1. MediaPortal

According to the developers of MediaPortal, this open source media center application is one of the better during this category. In addition to watching, scheduling and recording live TV, you’ll be able to be a guitrist, radio or movies from DVDs and Blu-ray discs with a bit of help with the software. Needless to say that you will see pictures and slideshows as well.

  1. TVersity

TVersity that can be used when considering streaming media collection on a TV or a mobile device, deserves to be mentioned within this compilation of programs like Plex. It allows you to access your own internet content uploaded to websites like Picasa, Flickr or YouTube or view website pages with Flash videos. The tool even assists you together with the task of personalizing your library.

  1. ZumoCast

This sort of looking for the best application for Windows or Mac OS X computers to stream content on their cellular phones without checking out the hassles of synchronizing devices, can turn their attention towards ZumoCast. It supports iTunes playlists and streams many of the common formats without conversions.

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