Top Best Alternatives To Imgur

The options listed within our Imgur alternative lineup permit you to share pictures over the web. They’re online image hosting sites that enable you to upload and share an array of photos with family members along with the public at large. Now the type of content you splash onto these websites depends upon you. You can maybe share pictures of your pals, family and family members or even get fun or two out of tech enthusiasts by displaying funny images or your personal hilarious memes.

6 Imgur Alternatives

  1. UltraIMG

The free image hosting website forays onto the virtual scene detailed with unlimited storage capacity. This means you can upload and hoard as many pictures as you wish without having to bother about crossing any space limitations. However whilst the brains behind this endeavor reveals, your website includes a 10MB maximum file size restriction. What’s more, the internet site currently hosts over 200,000 pictures. You can choose different upload preferences like shorting the URL and uploading photos in private mode. The service even offers the capacity to automatically resize your snaps and supports different file formats like GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP. There are even dedicated Chrome and Firefox extensions which enable you to mirror images directly from a particular website. Once that’s done, you can edit the snap utilizing the embedded tools like eraser, undo and redo, circle, box, arrow, text and blur.

  1. imgChili

How would you prefer to earn some cash while trying to make online visitors grin from ear to ear? Well, if you’re nodding with enthusiasm, then you’re in luck. The free-to-use website allows you to rake in around $3 for each and every 1,000 views. Then when someone visits your uploaded picture, the company automatically credits some amount of money to your account. The $3 tag is extended to individuals located in Canada, UK, US, New Zealand and Australia. For anyone situated across the rest of the world, the denomination is slightly less with regards to the country. Uploading to the internet site is simple. You can take advantage of the imgChili iFrame Uploader tool or dedicated Firefox and Chrome browser plugins for conducting the same. And lastly, the utmost file size associated with this specific site like Imgur is 5MB.

  1. TinyPic

This photo and video sharing service that’s owned by does what it really claims to complete – It enables you to upload different sorts of videos and pictures straight to the internet site in order that everybody can have a few laughs or admire your snaps. You can upload an image, video or url. Additionally you will manage to browse via a treasure chest of impressive pictures. There are plenty of different categories you can opt from during your stay here. Some of the choices include summer, retro and vintage, art, colors, quotes and sayings, funny, PB lovers, love, pets and animals, funny icons, sports, photography styles, only for fun, cars, birthday greetings, families, mother’s day and school. Seen something your pals would probably appreciate? Well, the portal allows you to share the picture with others via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Digg and StumbleUpon, to name a few.

  1. Imgbox

The free image hosting service within our sites like Imgur array has the capacity to hoard various kinds of pictures which can be drenched in formats like GIF, PNG and JPG. However, these photos should be 10MB or less. Blessed with a simple interface, the internet site also boasts of unlimited space for storing without putting forth anytime limits. The sections such as for example ‘My Galleries’and ‘My Images’display square thumbnail previews of one’s snaps so as to preserve the general layout. It further proffers a practical hotlinking option.


Founded nearly 10 years ago, this fast and easy image hosting website enables you to upload all your desired snaps without even breaking a sweat. It’s a few options that read as ‘Adult content’and ‘Family safe’for specifying exactly what sort of pictorial data you’re slapping onto the site. With the aid of its screen capture tool, you’ll manage to take a snapshot of either your whole desktop or merely merely a selected element of it. You can upload tons of of pictures at one go and even take complete benefit of global hotkeys for instant screen capturing. And as expected, you’ll further manage to espy handy editing tools like cropping, shadow effect, watermarking, annotating, arrowed lines, rectangles, highlights, texts and circles. You can upload snaps directly from your own PC or web space.

  1. ImageShack

This site much like Imgur is noted to become a user-friendly media hosting service that saw the light of day in 2003. Here you can make your personal albums and also adjust how big your snaps while uploading them onto the website.

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