Top Best Alien Games for PC

Approximately aliens are cliché, I’m always glad if a new alien game emerges. Surely, this thematic is processed over and over again, but it is great when an amazing alien game comes out. Since we are near the end of 2017, it’s time to test out your fear levels and familiarize you with some terrifying alien games. The directory of 20 best alien PC games is below. Grab a cup ooze and let’s look at the games, shall we?

  1. Alien: Isolation

To start with, we’ll kickstart a list through an amazing horror game. The legitimately, I believe that alien: Isolation is amongst the spookiest horror games that I’ve ever played. Its atmosphere is amazing and does an admirable job of sucking you in quickly, and Sevastopol can be a varied environment here. As you might have maybe guessed, Alien: Isolation is using the movie Alien (1979) during which Ellen Ripley fights for her life in the claustrophobic space station. You’ll do a similar here, but the latest star is Amanda Ripley, her daughter. Furthermore, Alien: Isolation has the most advanced AIs, so expect some scary Alien encounters, especially on harder difficulties. Oh, and don’t hide from the vents; they can catch you there, too!

  1. Prey

All of us keep in mind that good old Prey back 2006, which was a pretty decent game. However, Prey 2017 is a touch different, clearly benefiting from inspiration from game series like Deus Ex or System Shock. This is not anything bad, actually, it’s awesome! Prey nails it in terms of visuals, storytelling, and exploration, however, it’s actually not strictly an FPS game. In Prey, you should try to explore and see what the action can give, which often triggers very good rewards. You’ll immediately recognize Prey by its GLOO Gun; cool and badass weapon.

  1. XCOM 2

Each of us have several first-person shooters released in 2010, it’s nice to examine the final year’s XCOM 2. This strategy game nails each aspect of those genre, showing us the fact that strategy game should be done. Developers, be aware of XCOM 2, please! The sport is intense and concentrates on team play as opposed to going guns blazing alone contrary to the hordes of aliens. Instead, XCOM 2 offers you much space for tactical offense or defense, meaning that you can tackle your objectives in multiple ways. I’m looking towards XCOM 3 if we’ve notice that game.

  1. Crysis 3

Are you aware that there is a PC app that can melt your GPU? Well, here you are- Crysis 3. Crysis 3 could be the most beautiful game as it pertains to graphics. The consequences, god rays, environment, and characters are surreal. The story plot, however, speaks about Prophet, a half-alien-half-human who’s on his pursuit to put an end to your Alpha Ceph. It’s a tactical FPS game which lets you benefit from your Nano Suit, so you need to use cloak and maximum armor. The single player campaign is awesome, although the multiplayer is pretty forgettable.

  1. Aliens vs. Predator

Aliens vs. Predator is truly one of the best movies ever and the fact that I are able to play bingo sends shivers down my spine! Even though game is released in 2010, Aliens vs. Predator is still a worthy mention on our list and possesses aliens! Obviously, you possibly can play two different campaigns with either Alien or Predator. Thus giving the action the specific depth and large replay ability value. Furthermore, the enemies are challenging and the levels are cautiously crafted to fit whatever gameplay style you prefer. It’s a highly underrated game, try not to allow that to fool you- it’s a proper classic!

  1. Alien Shooter

Back 2003, Alien Shooter was a progressive game. This top-down shooter is about splattering a huge amount of Alien’s blood all around the place. It’s actually not about tactics, graphics or story here. Prefer a compelling storytelling, then obtain the hell out! Alien Shooter offers you a possibility to release your negative energy by killing LOTS of Aliens, I’m talking about really LOTS of them. Every mission is straightforward here, requiring to empty every living Alien finding yourself in the level.

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