Top Apps Like Zedge ringtone

Zedge is something really special for folks who like to distinguish oneself. Downloading it will allow you to utilize over 380.000 ringtones and 6000 free wallpapers. In this moment, this app has the greatest data sound and has the best mark of users.

Because of user-friendly interface, you are able to pay attention to ringtone before downloading it.

It even offers a convenient function to create personal lists of ringtones and wallpapers that you like. You’ll have the opportunity to access them from any device where Facebook is connected.

FREE & music Ringtone Maker

It is really a large number of convert music and records. You will find about 20.000 ringtones free available. This app includes all ringtone for iPhones that you could ever imagine.

Free ringtones

Free Ringtones is really a special app for windows phone.  You can find more ringtones of the single by artist and pay attention to ringtones online. This app has lots of advantages.

 Popular Ringtones

Popular ringtones app is the truly amazing app for folks who don’t like boring music. Here you will find lots of urgent songs or just melodies you will really fancy to be controlled by! You will find tens and thousands of funny, crazy musical tracks that you can also set an alarm with. You can even set the timer to play the sound and set the widget to your favorite ringtones on your own phone.


In this app, you are able to preview all ringtones before downloading like in Zedge ringtone app. You will find many different categories which make it easier and easier to use. It has 27 categories of comedy, entertainment, children, Bollywood, holiday and so on.

1,001 Ringtones Lite

Another app that is available in the iTunes is 1,001 Ringtones Lite. It is the other huge library of different tracks that you can download simply by some finger clicks. But be cautious: you download the only section of it free and you can get the full app with an increase of ringtones in the event that you like.


This app is for folks who like something really extraordinary. Tonecrusher offers all the latest varieties of music including dubstep, hip-hop, house, trance, salsa, rock, middle eastern and mashups combining several styles. Everybody may find there his own style.

 Ringtones 700,000+

It is unsure that app 700,000 sounds, nonetheless it is sufficient of categories and ringtones in each.

 Ringtones Maker

This can help you to create and create new tracks. It is simple in use. Control the start time of the song, combine several songs together, fade in and out when you like the ringtone and save quickly.

Myxer ringtones

Turn your favorite music from your own iPhone into awesome ringtones! And Myxer ringtones app may help you. In the app, you may find lots of songs of many different performers.

Scary Ringtones

This app could possibly be very suited to Halloween. It contains many scary sounds with scary images you are able to set these worst sounds as ringtones, alarms, notifications, and sounds.

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