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The real picture that folks appear to have with Snapchat is usually that the seemingly-private pictures might be screenshotted and after that shared anywhere online. It does show you when someone has brought a screenshot of this photo, which deters people from taking them, however it still does happen, and people’s lives have doubtlessly been changed from the upshots of a sneaky Snapchat screenshot. Yovo contains a technology which they call “D-Fence” so that it is impossible to take a screenshot of a photograph from the app. It achieves this by automatically making the screen blurry once you press the button combination for your phone that will lead to a screenshot, rendering your screenshot attempt useless. Besides this one item, Yovo is basically similar to Snapchat, but this one item could be sufficient for most to intend to make the switch.

  1. Snapchat

Even if you’re not a user of Snapchat, you are familiar while using the premise in the app. You’re taking a perception or video, send it for your friends, and after they’ve looked in internet for a few moments or less, it’s gone forever. Since Snapchat was released around four years ago, they’ve produced stream of changes and updates towards the app (including filters, paid options, and interactive, location-based services) however the essense from it continues to be the same. Snapchat is probably the most popular apps from the world. Over seven billion videos are sent while using the app each day, and you are able to generally be worth around ten and twenty billion dollars.

  1. Fleek

 Naming your app after a freshly released meme for getting attention is rather shameless, but Fleek is targeted at the faculty crowd, so anything goes I guess. Among the best reasons for Snapchat is they’ve “stories” in cities across the world, so you can observe what is going on and what our life is like in places you may never have the ability to visit in real life. The issue with these “stories” is that they’re curated and moderated. It means you possibly can only see stuff that Snapchat has decided that you need to see, therefore it can sound such as a stale, repetitive experience. Fleek tries to combat this challenge by presenting users with an unfiltered, unmoderated “story” of other nutritional foods that is happening within the campus of the teachers they go to.

  1. Cyberdusk

Cyberdusk is actually opposite to Fleek with regard to its mission. It originated by Mark Cuban, the billionaire businessman that you usually see sitting courtside at Dallas Maverick games. It seeks to provide people professional settings have real profit send self-deleting messages. With Cyberdusk, you may also send GIFs, stickers, and links that will delete within minutes. You possibly can edit photos from it too. All the messages that you send with Cyberdusk are encrypted, so they really theoretically are not to be read by anyone, and also the app has safeguards in place to circumvent people from taking screenshots of whatever you send them. People say that when an email is deleted, it’s gone forever; they do not store all of your information. Cyberdusk doesn’t save Snapchat in terms of such thinggs as the size of its userbase, photo and video capabilities, or even the social aspect, but it’s really a better app than Snapchat in terms of sharing information and privacy.

  1. Telegram

An adverse facet of Snapchat that I have never discussed yet is one thing which it has in accordance with numerous the currently-available photo sharing apps; you cannot apply it to a computer. They likely want to maintain their users from the mobile environment. Wouldn’t it be great if, every now and then if your phone wasn’t around, you could see what happening on snapchat with an app-based or browser-based version for one’s computer? While it is possible to use Snapchat on your hard disk by doing some tweaking or installing 3rd party apps, Telegram makes computer-based self-deleting messages a central part of its platform.

  1. Wickr

While the previously mentioned apps are superior options to Snapchat in many ways, quite a few suffer by using not big enough of a base of users, which means that networking and sharing options limited when compared to the large number of Snapchat users. Wickr (pronounced “wicker) is the most popular in the apps which might be options to Snapchat, and it provides a directory of features that seem able to noticeably challenge Snapchat’s stranglehold on the realm of self-destructing photo messaging right now. It markets itself for the reason that most secure photo-based messaging service available right now, and it is often lauded with the web-security companies that contain reviewed it.

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