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If you should be looking for other apps like Whisper than take a look at this page. We’ve a good set of similar apps as you are able to download to your device.

Whisper is an app where you can join thousands of people around the globe to fairly share thoughts, trade advice or get the inside scoop about stuff anonymously. This app is ideal to download if you want to share secrets, meet new people or express yourself and never having to be concerned about people knowing who you are.

Whisper was released back 2012 and can be acquired for both iOS and Android devices without charge. Once you open the app there are six images, each with a key on it. You have an alternative to answer these secrets either publicly or privately.

Whisper is super addictive and so much fun. It’s such a simple idea but well orchestrated. This app is a good method to express you to ultimately the entire world and to get others that relate. Whisper is extremely user friendly but I recently wish you could upload pictures you already have. This app is so funny, it generates me laugh constantly at the stuff people post.

Yik Yak

Yik Yak is the right app for you really to connect with the local community. With this specific app, you are able to connect with everyone nearby to fairly share news, crack jokes, ask questions and more. Yik Yak is another app like Whisper since you can post and share stuff in the community anonymously. The only issue with this app is that customers say it still shows your GPS location and IP address whenever you post things. This means that people could be able to learn who you are if they decided to check into it. Although this can be the case, our team at 5 apps like have not had an issue with this app since we’ve been using it. We still believe you should download and try this app for free on your own device.

After School

This app is ideal for students to create confessions, compliments, funny experiences, feelings towards people and more. The great thing about After School is that it includes a zero tolerance for Cyber Bullying. This really is one of the finest apps like Whisper if you want to share stuff without others knowing who you are. Remember, to keep positive when applying this app or After School may suspend your account without the questions asked. That you don’t want to be usually the one caught bullying at school but if you do enjoy being social with people around you then we encourage you to try this app for free.

Psst! Anonymous

With this specific app like Whisper, you are able to share news, opinions, secrets, confessions, lifestyle experiences and more. With Psst! Anonymous you don’t have to be concerned about people knowing who posted or shared making people speak the reality of whats on their mind. If you should be looking for connecting with people all over the world which have the exact same interests and views on life then downloading Psst! Anonymous makes sense. Try this app for free today and start connecting with others.

AntiChat Adult

AntiChat is one of the finest Chat room apps out there today. With AntiChat, you are able to express your secret identity in anonymous dating chat rooms without the registration. This allows you to completely be yourself that may cause meeting other folks with similar personalities. If you should be ever feeling lonely or bored,  then you need to try this app like Whisper. Did we mention that it’s liberated to download and to utilize and is suitable for any device you have! If you should be looking to get that perfect someone or simply looking up to now other folks with the exact same interests you have then you need certainly to download AntiChat today.

Yeti Campus Stories

When you download this app you are able to view other’s photos and videos while also sharing your own personal videos and pictures with your campus. If you like maintaining the most recent gossip and news on campus you then need to test this app like Whisper. Yeti is free to download to any device and already has 500,000 downloads. As most users love by using this app, some have complained that they get annoying notifications on the phone that they can’t shut off and that the app quits. However, we at 5 apps like haven’t had a problem with this app. In the event that you enjoy maintaining your school’s social life then try this app now.

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