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If you like to sing, you will want to learn to accomplish it more professionally for a follow-up musical career, or at the least not to “hit the dirt facing friends and family while you are visiting karaoke?” The universal voice teacher Voice Tutor – is an excellent and, importantly, an expert application for iPhone users who would like to practice singing. The application form begins training with the diagnosis of user vocal data to assess what exactly it’s worth employed by the vocalist. After determining the vocal problems and the type of user’s voice, this system provides an exercise course to boost the sound of one’s voice while singing.

Sing Sharp, Learn to Sing

The application has an interface that resembles the overall game, so now you could have no difficulty in understanding how to sing! The essence of this system is the following: in real time you sing a song, and this system determines how much you hit the notes in order to later correct your singing. You may also not only sing but in addition record and pay attention to your voice. Download the application form and learn how to sing like a star!


Musicians aren’t deprived of the eye of developers of applications for the iPhone but VocaLive sticks out even against the background of various karaoke programs and tutorials on vocals. Proudly called the initial virtual vocal processor, the VocaLive application was developed, to start with, for professional vocalists and songwriters.

Voice Training

This application reproduces an email or notes that you must sing right now. The piano keys are highlighted, and with it, you know what and how exactly to reproduce. With this specific application, you are able to track progress, in the shape of getting new stars, for a well-done job. Generally speaking, this is a great training when you sing in karaoke.

Singing Course

In the end, a voice may be the instrument of our mind, the physical and mental state of our body. Therefore, it’s so crucial that you learn how to sing beautifully!

SingStar Mic

SingStar Mic – is a credit card application that’ll turn any Android or iOS smartphone into a karaoke. Now, to feel yourself in the role of a place artist, it’s enough to just download several correct applications and get the right hardware. As you almost certainly already guessed, it’s now about karaoke. If suddenly you have a PS3 or PS4, then, in cases like this, we have great news: with SingStar and SingStar Mic for Android and iOS devices you can find out which of your pals has got the coolest vocal skills.

Vocal Warm Up

It’s no secret that you might want to look after your vocal voice. To have a voice always in form, you will need a daily voice warm-up. The Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos application is strictly what we need. Although this system is aimed at vocalists, many breathing and articulation exercises may help anyone who is going to spend the whole day at the microphone.

Yokee Karaoke

The initial and, perhaps, very big plus of the application form is clear already from the title – all tracks readily available for execution are free since the application form is “tied” with Youtube. The second plus can be linked to YouTube – it is continually replenishing the catalog of songs. So, if you should be in an excellent company, or just desired to sing your chosen song, then we advise one to look in the application form, register and select “Start Singing”! And further, the application form will do everything for you personally, or rather transfer one to the little world of music.

Sing! Karaoke by Smule

Sing! Karaoke app for Android which will definitely appeal to fans of singing. Here you can find a broad base of popular artists, hits all genres: free, new, baby, pop, fun, etc. Also, when selecting songs you can use the search by song title or artist. This program gives the user the possibility of recording a duet based on her original performance. You can also record your own version, save it to your device or share with friends in social networks or with other users of the application. Collect points by liking other members, chat and have fun with karaoke. 

Red Karaoke

One of many main advantages of this system may be the recording of video from your device, with its further upload to the website of Red Karaoke. This system features a convenient search that lets you find any song, along with the ability to sort tracks by genre, group, album, etc.

SingSong Karaoke

SingSong Karaoke is a program in which you are able to feel as an artist and perform world hits. Similar applications for singing are extremely rare, so make sure you try it. In the app, there are many hits of different times. An individual may sing them together with his friends, and record how he sings to save or tell someone else. The application stands underneath the slogan: get love and recognition through the entire world. As a result of this regard, there are features typical for social networks. That’s the manner in which you sing it’s judged by another participant of this entertainment application.

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