Top Apps Like Vine

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Many different apps like Vine have seen the light of day over the past year, but only a small number of them are now comparable from what Vine offered us. We decided to search for the best of these so you may quickly and easily find video sharing apps worth using.

Our list of apps like Vine below is going to enable you to get laughing, crying and sharing like never before. If you’re a lover of Vine videos, forget about looking forward to a miraculous Vine update and explore the best apps like Vine below immediately.


Peeks is one of the best apps like Vine in the event that you enjoy sharing short videos with friends, family and the entire world. One of the best reasons for having Peeks is so it integrates flawlessly with the Facebook Messenger app, so it is possible to log into Peeks with the press of a button. Live streams and sharing short videos is what Peeks is about, so check out their platform to master more.


Snapchat has taken the entire world by storm with its intuitive interface and features. Send short videos that last around 10 seconds to friends, nearest and dearest and anybody of your choice. Snapchat has excellent filters that enable you to change your voice, edit your appearance and so much more. On top of that, Snapchat automatically destroys your videos and photos after they were viewed the very first time.


The Instagram app is one of the most popular apps for all cell phone platforms. Celebrities use it, business owners use it and more or less everyone you may consider has an Instagram account. One thing you may not have now been aware of is that Instagram allows you to upload videos between 3 seconds long around 1 minute long. Share videos with the entire world now by uploading them to Instagram, one of the best apps like Vine.

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