Top Apps Like Venmo

Venmo is a superb app to send money to anyone you need free of charge and or transfer money to any bank overnight. This app is considered the Forbes #1 app for college students but if it’s not working for after this you check out our list of the greatest apps like Venmo below. If you should be always hoping to get friends and family, family or perhaps other folks to cover you back you then Venmo is a useful app for you.

The best thing about that finance app is that it’s backed by PayPal making the security that much greater. Whether you’ll need to gather money or need to cover friends and family for the drinks, dinner or rent that they paid for Venmo can do it all.

From the customer’s reviews, there is really nothing bad to say about Venmo. With this specific app, you are able to count on a super easy interface that is convenient for everyone.

As there is nothing bad to say about Venmo; however, there are other great finance apps out there that are either just as effective as Venmo or even better. Have a look at our list of the greatest 5 apps like Venmo below and let’s know which app is your chosen by leaving a comment.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is another popular finance app that it is possible to send money to friends and family for free. This app allows you to send money to anyone in the United States even if they don’t have an existing Wallet account. Google Wallet lets spent or cash out money that you received instantly in your Wallet and even enables you to put it to use wherever there are Debit MasterCard locations. That is certainly one of the well known apps like Venmo and we recommend downloading it for free.

Square Cash

Square Cash is a finance app that enables you to quickly exchange money with friends or family free of charge or lets you get paid for your business. This app lets you use any mobile number or email to send cash and only takes minutes to set up a transaction. Like one other app like Venmo, most of the deposits made on Square Cash happen instantly so you don’t have to attend for your money or the individual you’re sending money to doesn’t have to wait. The best part about Square Cash is that deposits are made directly to your bank account.


PayPal could be the world’s safest way to cover online anywhere in the world. Now you can use the PayPal app to cover at your chosen restaurants, stores and more. Look at this app as your digital wallet that you always have access too. With this specific app, you can even request money, send money or even transfer money. It can also be super easy to control your money by checking your balances, viewing transactions and more.

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