Top Apps Like Tumblr

Tumblr is a social media created for creating blogs, and you can find so many amazing blog posts! You’ll find inspirational stuff every day. Whatever your interests are – fashion, music, some series, movies, poetry, etc., Tumblr will help you find a lot of cool things linked to them. Just use some hashtag for starters. Then you’ll find out where others are reposting from and go there and etc and so forth.

Needless to say, you are able to post your own personal materials as well. If you’re into blogging, you are able to enjoy the freedom linked to posting, reposting, design, and feedback. So, get yourself a Tumblr account at this time and start discovering this freaky funny funky inspirational world!


Pinterest also serves as an inspiration app. You’ll find a lot of ideas there, ‘in those you want most and view them later. Just pick the categories you want most like fashion, street style, drawing, food, etc. and then view your personalized feed. You may also utilize the search to consider some specific stuff. Download Pinterest today and get inspired constantly!


VSCO Cam is a software where you can edit your photos such as a pro. This is just about the best mobile photography app there is. Lots filters including vintage ones and about 18 editing tools – everything to produce your photos looks the manner in which you want.

Wanelo Shopping

Wanelo is a shopping app. Basically, you only choose stores that you want and a number of people whose style resembles yours and that’s it – after that, the app could make you a supply with different products picked up in accordance with your choices.If you never like viewing a lot of stuff at the same time or don’t want to miss anything, whatever, you can play a little game instead. The guidelines are simple: if you like anything – swipe right, if you never – swipe left. So, get Wanelo today and shop wisely with it!

The Hunt Style & Shopping

The Hunt is yet another shopping app, but with some extended features. Yeah, you are able to shop from the app, but what it’s really about is style. There are lots of style advice, beauty blogs, tutorials and etc and so forth. You’re able to get style suggestions, ready outfits and a great deal more. The app is remarkable since it enables you to post photos of, let’s say, a celebrity and ask the app’s community where in actuality the clothes on these photos come from. It is super convenient! There isn’t to buy ‘something similar’anymore, given that you’ll find the actual clothes.

Key Ring

Key Ring is a digital wallet app that helps you organize and easily use your loyalty cards. If you’re tired of carrying a heavy wallet with a lot of ‘not at all times needed’stuff inside it, this app is the thing you need! You can scan your entire loyalties, membership cards, library cards – anything with a barcode onto it – and never have a heavy wallet again (in common sense, you know))! The app also helps to discover good deals and buy stuff without overpaying. Have it now and never miss neither discounts nor your loyalty cards again!

Swell yeah! what’s your opinion

Can’t decide what things to wear, what to consume or what things to post on Instagram? Now there isn’t to choose by yourself! Make pics of two items that you can’t choose and ”swell” them – post them in Swell and then add the hashtag like fashion, food, etc. People will go through the picture they like best and you’re gonna know what the favorite choice is. You can vote yourself – just to possess fun.

Wishbone Compare Anything

Wishbone is somewhat similar to the app above. It is a funny app that lets you decide on between a few things and observe other people voted. These two things may be anything – beginning with music and pop culture generally and ending with some personal stuff.

Vinted USA

Not anyone can allow themselves buying pricey clothes. Many people, on the contrary, would like to sell clothes of top quality they no longer need. This app is manufactured to get in touch these two groups. You can call it an electronic digital second-hand if you intend to (US only). The app doesn’t take any interest from your deals, so don’t worry. Download Vinted today to become listed on style-savvy people exactly like you!


You-app is a software for you personally and for the self-development. In line with the authors, a happy healthy life is not something you read in books about, it is something you achieve through making small steps & changes each and every day! The app will help you get healthier eating habits, teach how to really have a positive mindset, be organized and a great deal more. There is also a residential area of aspiring people as if you, in order to share your experience and feelings with them. Download this app now and, by making small steps, gradually improve the quality of your daily life!

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