Top Apps Like Triller

It is incredibly simple to use, and it offers a nice selection of alternatives for making quick music videos, no matter where you are.

The style is rather simple. You shoot videos from your own device, and the Triller app turns them into a music video. The app comes with an amount of free to use songs, and additionally, you use songs from the library on your phone. The app comes with different filters and effects that you can use, and it is so simple that you do not must have any skills as a movie editor. Create your videos and share them with friends, view and like your friend’s videos, and just have a throughout a good time with the fun and simple to use the app. While the videos do look good, it is not necessarily designed to replace video editing software and editing professionals. It is an application that is made for fun and creativity.

If you prefer the notion of creating music videos making use of your phone or tablet, you will find other apps like Triller that you might want to try. Take a look at our top picks below.


While the VivaVideo app can be used to create music videos, it is more of a movie editing app that can be used on phones and tablets which makes it one of the very most powerful video making apps like Triller. You are able to shoot videos with the app and edit them with numerous effects. For users which can be just looking to create some quick videos for fun and entertainment, it has a simplified quick mode, but if you want more control, you can use advanced editing tools to fine-tune your video right down to the smallest detail. The app is simple to use, it gives a lot of editing alternatives for making videos and it even offers support for social media sharing.


For apps like Triller, VideoFX is one of the very most impressive. The app is free to download and you will find in-app purchases for additional effects and video making options. Even without making the purchases, an individual basically has a lot of great options and everything they need to make fun videos that they’ll share making use of their friends. You only select a tune and start shooting. You may also shoot with the desired effects turned on, which is a nice solution to see everything you are getting. It has more than 50 effects that you could select from and it was created to be very easy to edit the video as you shoot.


VideoShow is another app that is more of a movie editing app than a simple music video maker. However, with the effects and editing options, this app can be used to create music videos. The free app comes with a great selection of filters, effects, and tools. The consumer can trim the videos, put them together and add music and sound effects. You may also dub your own voice to the music video. If you wish to find apps like Triller, but you’d like a tad bit more control on the creative process, VideoShow is just a free alternative that is simple to use. Users can experiment with different effects and editing tools, save the videos and share them through social media.


Funimate is just a cool app to make quick videos of effects and music. The app comes with a collection of music that you could select from and it offers a few effects for personalizing your video creation. It’s never as advanced as other video editors or music video apps like Triller, but it is simple to use and the format allows you to share videos on social media. The key drawback to the app is that it only allows for clips which can be 15 seconds long. It may still be a lot of fun, but some users might prefer the capability to make full-length music videos.


Magisto might be one of the very most similar apps like Triller. You are able to take photos and videos which can be already on your phone or shoot utilizing the in-app camera. As well as that, the app provides the option of using songs which can be inside their library or songs that you’ve saved on the device.  All you’ve got to accomplish is choose the photos or videos that you would like in the music video, select a tune and the Magisto software analyzes the information to build a music video. With that level of simplicity, it is not really a video editing tool, but it could be the simple method to create your own music videos.

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