Top Apps Like Timehop

People create memories each and every day, and with the usage of Smartphones and tablets, we record and share more of the memories than ever before. With so many pictures and videos being created, stored and posted constantly, it may often be difficult and time-consuming to return and look at what we were doing before, but with apps like Timehop, we are able to easily get a collection of the memories that individuals posted.

Timehop works type of like a digital time capsule to show the consumer what they were doing 12 months ago or many years in the past. The app functions using photos on your own phone and sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to gather photos and posts from the selected day before, and it gives you a summary of what you’re doing on this day in years past. It is just a fun app for connecting with old memories and it easily puts these collections of photos, videos, and posts together.

On This Day

On This Day is among the apps like Timehop that numerous individuals are just starting to use. The app takes photos from Facebook and your phone to show you what you’re doing on this day in earlier years. Just open the app and turn to begin to see the memories that you created. If the photos really stick out, you can even share them on social media with friends and family unit members that might be interested. All in all, it is an easy to use app that may supply a nice stroll down memory lane.

Life’s Time Capsule

It can be utilized with photos, videos, audio recording and text notes. All of the memories are stored securely in cloud storage and they are there for you really to view when you wish to check back on certain days or events. It’s distinctive from other apps like Timehop because it does not go back through all your files and find the memories for you, but it may be ideal for ensuring all your photos, videos and other things that you wish to remember are safe, secure, organized and easy to access.


The 8tory app is one of the better apps like Timehop for looking back on old memories. It works together Facebook to get different posts and memories that you have created and it puts them all together for when you wish to see them. It can be utilized in the “with this day” fashion like Timehop, but it provides a range of other choices for looking back at past events. It puts the photos and posts together in an accessible manner and it can be a fun way to check back by yourself or to share memories with the folks you care about.


If you’re looking for an event that’s a bit more random, the app Throwback can be a nice method to remind yourself of the past. In the Throwback app, an individual may take pictures from their phone or tablet and then utilize the app to exhibit you the picture at another date. You are able to pick the date yourself or you have the option of the app sending you the picture at a random time. After you have the picture set for Throwback, it might come back in a period that ranges anywhere from monthly to five years. It’s not exactly the memory trip that you get from some apps like Timehop, however, it can be a fun method to surprise yourself by having an old memory.


Moments is really a Facebook app that enables people to produce a shared photo album for an event and has already been becoming one of the greatest apps like Timehop. The app automatically associates the folks in photos and the full time that they certainly were taken to make it easier for most of the people connected with the album to share things like photos and videos. With so many individuals capturing and videos at the exact same event at the same time frame, this app provides a simple treatment for sharing all of it in one place. The app is user-friendly, it provides a number of different sharing and compilation options and you may even create slideshows out of the photos from an event.

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