Top Apps Like Tidal

Tidal is owned by Jay Z and offers service absolutely just like Spotify.  Then why in case you go with this app?  Jay Z wanted to create an app that could bring money straight to artists in place of going through the entire commercial machine which is labels.  With an extraordinary library of 25 million songs and 75 000 high-definition videos, this app is truly one of the best apps like Spotify.  Subscriptions range between $10-20 a month.


The big advantage of this app is that it is easy to share the new discovery or your favorite band on the social media marketing and whenever you do, you sometimes get free downloads.  Otherwise, you can simply buy songs/album you want.  And this really is really like a social media app, you are able to follow users, post content and playlists, see what has been posted by those you follow.  Best experience at 10$ monthly


What makes this app one of the best? It integrates music that you’ve in your phone and songs you find in the app, all in one single place!  No need to get a playlist here than music from your phone there… ALL IN ONE PLACE!   This app, in addition, has beautiful functions like audio detection, whenever you listen to something, it listens too!  It will suggest you music according to as to the you like and helps you find back songs you liked but you forgot about.  Basically, SoundHound takes enough time to understand you.  Also simple of use.

Google Play Music

You think this app is just for Android? You’re wrong ! Totally obtainable in the Apple’s app store.  Best app like Spotify basically because it is really a copy/paste of Spotify.  If you’d like playlists according to your mood or to a particular time of the entire year or according to a category, well this service is free.  However, if you wish to listen precise songs or albums just pay the 10$/month subscription and you obtain access to Spotify 2.


There is one major advantage to this service which makes it one of the best apps like Spotify, you will find 10 million songs more available on Deezer than on Spotify, mainly because it existed before Spotify.  Will offer pretty quite similar service at exactly the same price.  You’ve more content but on one other side, you get fewer features and feels a little sketchy to navigate on.

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