Top Apps like The Chive

The Chive app is one of many top-rated apps that people visit when they’re trying to be entertained.

Since its launch in 2008, The Chive has to be one of many leading apps in the entertainment section of the app store and has been super successful. It currently has significantly more than five million downloads on the Android platform alone, making it one of many top downloaded apps on the app store. The Chive is rated M for mature, simply because it’s some mature themes and some light sexual content.

There’s not any content on The Chive that is too over the top. It is a collection of funny pictures and videos to see daily. Without a doubt, The Chive is one of many leading apps as it pertains to user-generated content, simply because of just how many unique pictures and videos are uploaded with their app daily.

The Best Chive Alternatives

The Berry

The Berry is made by the same company and likely the same team that brought you The Chive. The Berry is drastically different from The Chive, though. The Berry gets the audience of women, so the content on the internet site is unquestionably unique of what you should find on The Chive.

On The Berry, you can expect to get things catered towards a far more feminine audience, such as pictures of celebrities, gossip, and funny photos, all of which are themed for a lady audience. As well as that, with The Berry, you can select from numerous different categories and instantly create lists of your favorite things.

Everything that you ”like ‘ ‘on The Berry will undoubtedly be made available in a list for your requirements, so like that, it is simple to share what you will find enjoyable with your friends at the touch of a button.


Imgur is, let me tell you, one of many largest platforms for user-generated content. With over ten million daily users, and more than a hundred million pictures and gifs uploaded daily, there’s a ton of content to explore on Imgur. Imgur might come as a shock to the majority of going for a spot with this list because it’s usually associated with merely uploading photos and gifs. Still, you may also use they explore feature to get hilarious content from all around the world.

You can explore tons of hilarious pictures and gifs at the click of a switch when browsing the Imgur app. Out of every sort of genre, you might imagine, this app can have you covered with a ton of user-generated content. As well as that, you will see what others think in the comment section of every photo. It is simple to relate solely to people from all over the world via a simple picture, which is an incredible feat.


With over ten million installations and above five million active daily users, iFunny takes the number three spot on our list. iFunny is much like The Chive in a sense, so it has a ton of user-generated content, including videos, images, and gifs, all in one single, convenient place.

iFunny is targeted towards a somewhat younger audience than The Chive, but regardless, the content on iFunny remains hilarious and relatable. iFunny can be obtained from both Google Play Store and the Apple iOS store, so there’s you should not bother about being restricted due to your phone.


9GAG is another Chive style app that enables users to upload videos, pictures, and other content for other people’s enjoyment. 9GAG has won many different awards, including the Best App of 2014 in the Entertainment section of the Google Play Store, and many other top community awards.

9GAG is one of the finest apps to attend if you’re looking to create your day a little more fulfilling by exploring random pictures and videos. 9GAG has possibly the largest community of some of the other apps with this list, which means you will always be able to explore new content. 9GAG includes a massive category system that even allows its users to explore different pictures based on the kind of meme they’re looking for.


Reddit, let me tell you, has the greatest user base compared to another app with this list. Reddit includes a very different system than most of the other apps with this list. Reddit uses what’s called various subreddits, which are like categories. You can sign up for different subreddits that may add that categories content to your main page.

You will find every possible category that you might imagine on Reddit, everything from pottery to climbing, you will find a subreddit on any possible topic. The content on Reddit ranges from user-made content to news articles and YouTube videos.

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