Top Apps like Sweatcoin

Are you currently trying to find some very nice apps like Sweatcoin? We have compiled a list of four apps that are much like Sweatcoin. When you yourself have not found out about Sweatcoin before, it is just a new fitness app that may pay you to remain fit. It can be an activity tracker app that will give you sweat coins, which can be the digital currency, that you can then use to have items.

You can spend your sweat coins on such things as health or nutrition products, shoes, tech gadgets, and much more. The more you remain active and walk, the more sweat coins you will earn. Basically, you are being rewarded with the digital currency for each step you take. It is a good incentive to keep active as you are seeing rewards pile up. Listed here are four other alternatives to Sweatcoin if you’re looking to get rewarded for working out.

Top Four Apps like Sweatcoin


Achievement is just a free app for iOS and Android that tops our listing of apps like Sweatcoin available today. This app is quite cool because it is more of a simplistic method of earning rewards for working out. You don’t need certainly to upload photos as well as manually input information with this particular app. That is since you can just sync up your tracking device, including the RunKeeper or Apple Health, and then your data is likely to be compiled automatically.
You can find calculations of the steps you take in the app, and each step may be worth one point. You really need to get 10,000 points in order to earn $10 in the app, so it makes you really want to be more active to earn the rewards. Those points may then be redeemed for various items. Achievement is very similar to Sweatcoin in terms of how an app works and what you will get points for doing. Sleeping, logging in your diet, walking, and weighing yourself are typical things that can earn you points in this app.


DietBet makes our listing of apps like Sweatcoin and it is free for both iOS and Android. This app is very good since it lets you socialize with others for a healthy competition. You possibly can make your personal game or join a casino game and then challenge people for weight reduction goals. You can find things you’ve to upload in DietBet in order to ensure people are in fact weighing themselves, eating healthy, and losing weight.
You can cheer on others or make it more of a competition in order to take it all to another level. You can find pools and bets you are able to win with this particular app, and then you can cash out your winnings via PayPal. Better still is that DietBet does not take a cut of your winnings and you can get the entire amount. This app is comparable to Sweatcoin but features a more competitive and social element to it, if that’s something you are into.


A different one of the best apps like Sweatcoin available is WellCoin. This can be a virtually identical app to Sweatcoin and it is free on both iOS and Android. This app may also reward you for working out and doing other items to promote a healthy lifestyle. You can generate WellCoins, which are the digital currency of the app.

When you have earned enough of the WellCoins, you will have a way to redeem them. You can redeem for items such as for example exercise classes, workout gear, and accessories, and so much more. The app rewards you for many different things, such as for example jogging, drinking enough water, and even sleeping the proper amount per night. The user interface is quite easy to use and the app itself is so easy to find out.


Lastly, if we are discussing apps like Sweatcoin, then we’ve to say FitCoin. This app is free on both iOS and Android and works much like Sweatcoin. With FitCoin, you will have a way to sync up your fitness tracker and then begin earning rewards immediately.

You can generate what’s called FitCoins, which are the digital currency offered in this app. After you have earned FitCoins, you are able to redeem them for various items and products. Including redeeming them for Amazon gift cards and so many other cool gifts and rewards.

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