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SoundHound is named the key competitor of Shazam. Those two applications do have a great deal in accordance when it comes to functionality. This program uses its own Sound2Sound recognition technology, which gives a comparison of sound signals, not of great quality.

The key advantageous asset of SoundHound, and the exclusive, which claimed by its creators, is the chance to detect the tune. It’s hard to judge how effective it is because how to make this system determine the composition in this way is, in truth, no easy task, it all hangs on the grade of the performance. Nevertheless, the option of search is an exceptionally useful function, which allows finding performers, albums, and songs, in the writing which the required word is found.


The success didn’t take long, and the service converted into one of many largest directories. Over time, the application form has its own player, and the priority of tasks has changed somewhat. After signing an agreement with the Gracenote service, already in the 3rd version of this system, there clearly was an opportunity for detection of music – Music ID.


Far not probably the most widespread but very pleasant program with a laconic design. It’s thanks to the appearance and ergonomics that the MusicID utility is enjoyed by many smartphone users. This program offers users an identical group of functions: only main screen with a large button for detection, a list of well-known tracks and the chance to see which songs you recognized. MusicID also has a built-in text search that is not in Shazam.


To obtain the lyrics of your favorite song is currently as easy as downloading any music. The Genius – Song Lyrics & More application offers you an easy music search system in the database, which already now has significantly more than 1.7 million tracks. A distinctive feature of this service are annotations and a number of interesting thoughts about the lyrics of nearly every performer.


Hound is a project of your own assistant from the developers of SoundHound, an application similar in functionality to Shazam. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant is an application that may change your relationship with the device. Now there’s no dependence on long navigation to find your favorite song, you do not need to do a group in these to get the necessary information. It’s enough to inform the device what you want and what is going to be performed. This program perfectly responds to the voice, and there’s no need to pronounce key phrases. She will immediately find the mandatory song, learn the temperature in the proper region, send an email to a pal or make a telephone call, etc.

Sound Search for Google Play

Sound Look for Google Play is not really a full-fledged application but a minimalistic widget, and this is its key advantage. The widget could be put on the desktop and even on the lock screen if the version of Android is above 4.2 – thanks to this, the recognition process starts with just one click. The Sound Look for Google Play application is Google’s kind of answer to so popular among many mobile device owners of music recognition tools like Shazam and SoundHound.


Each music lover and pluralistically the master of the iPhone with Siri support without a doubt at least once asked his voice assistant to identify the playing track. You certainly can do this with a straightforward “Who’s singing?” command, and then let your girlfriend pay attention to the song. But this doesn’t end its functions. These capabilities of Siri derive from using the same technology as in the Shazam application. As it happens that you might see all the songs which were ever recognized with the help of Siri, and then right here, get the tracks in the iTunes Store (if you need, of course). You simply need to open the iTunes Store, and then a corresponding tab in the sidebar.

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