Top Apps Like Smurfs Epic Run

This app will refresh you good memories having its band of Smurfs running through beautiful cartoon levels.  Perfect for casual gaming since it is straightforward but fun.  Explain to your levels, avoid obstacles and collect coins.  Nothing new here but it’s fun to get back to the good old stuff.

Nun Attack: Run & Gun

Select your sister and continue an endless monster-killing run.  Each sister has their particular abilities and weapon.  Collect coins or buy in-app purchase to upgrade your gun, unlock sisters, get abilities like revive, time slows down, coin magnet, invincibility, double points and more.  Kill skeletons, werewolves, zombies, blobs, bats on your own run to clear the way in which and obtain the high score.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is definitely an endless-runner game.  This app offers beautiful graphics and easy gameplay.  The goal is simple; run so far as you can without having to be caught by the guard.  The longer you run, the more points you get.  Collect coins to get items.  There are several in-app purchases but it’s not really necessary as collecting coins is quite easy.  Perfect to pass time while waiting for the bus.


Super Mario Run is fun however you look for a challenge? Boy, you will undoubtedly serve with that one! Quite easy, get that little fluffy thing to the conclusion without dying.  Mechanically perfect and beautiful for the eyes, running your little fluffy thing to the conclusion isn’t that easy.  Lots of trap awaits you.  Your fluffy thing can multiply throughout your run which can be the handful, especially when it eats a candy which makes you bigger and a much simpler target for those saws you’ve to avoid.  You take that app, well have some fun, but mostly, good luck.

Robot Unicorn Attack 3

If dubstep music was a software, that might be it.  This one is certainly our personal favorite best app for Super Mario Run.  Ridiculously fun, the next version of the app offers very cool upgrades.  Each wish (life), you have an alternative robot unicorn, passed from 2D to slight 3D.  Jump while creating rainbows and dash through your enemies to get your wish come true.  Collect coins and fairies to upgrade your unicorn.  Very few times, you don’t want upgrades to be performed in the certain area of the game when new versions come out.  Well, they brought back the same awesome in-game song from the first version that puts a smile on your faces every time it plays.

Mario Run

Super Mario Bros brings me back to my childhood and has been with me from the time and finally, they made a brilliant Mario bros app that people can carry with us and play anywhere making use of your every day’s best tool.  This app is brand-new and pretty fun.  We love it but once you contemplate it, it’s nothing really a newcomer to offer.  There are many apps like Super Mario Run in the marketplace and they are awesome but most of all addictive.  You like that game and want some more?  We will tell you in which to look to satisfy your coin collecting craves.

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