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Have you been searching for some apps like Slickdeals as the possible download on your own iOS or Android device? As you might know, Slickdeals is the utmost effective place to go to find deals, freebies, coupons, sweepstakes, and much more. There are certainly a lot of other apps on the market that is much like Slickdeals that individuals wished to talk about. While most of these apps might not have the exact same user-driven content as Slickdeals, each of them come very close to that particular tight-knit community.

We all know that because Christmas is coming soon that you are probably looking for the best deals on the market right now. Numerous about Slickdeals is so it offers you the chance to get deals both online and in-store. Listed below are five other apps that will save you money, enable you to find the best deals, and earn money throughout your purchases.

Top 5 Apps like Slickdeals – Similar Alternatives


First, on our list of the greatest apps like Slickdeals, we have DealsPlus. This is a free app on both iOS and Android that is focused on getting you deals. This deal-finding app uses social bookmarking, which will be different from a lot of other deal-finding apps. DealsPlus uses sites like Delicious and also Digg, among many other social bookmarking features. This enables you to get and see the most used deals from throughout the Internet. The deals are submitted by the users and then voted on by others, much like Slickdeals.

The most effective and biggest deals are likely to be on the leading page of DealsPlus, again, much like how Slickdeals works. You will cherish simply how much user-driven content is with this app. The total amount of money you are able to save using this app is amazing. DealsPlus mightn’t be the absolute most well-known on the market, but it’s one of many best. The user-interface is very easy to figure out on any device. You will also love so how quickly you are able to go from one category to another.


SnipSnap is also making our list of the greatest apps like Slickdeals. This really is another free app for both iOS and Android. Just like what the name of the app says, you are able to clip coupons and more using this app and your smartphone. If you see a present in publications, you are able to take a picture with the app and then an app will configure the coupon. After the app has finished with the print coupon, you are likely to be left with a mobile-optimized coupon that you need to use anywhere at anytime. You can forget clipping coupons with this specific app because the app will digitize those coupons for you.

The app is clearly very simple to use and provides a Discover section where you could find coupons that others you know have clipped. If you wish to have more coupons, use the featured coupons section to get those coupons. The most effective part concerning this app is that you will get a reminder whenever you enter a store. It will alert you anytime you’ve coupons stored in the app. The app will tell you that there is coupon offers available for you yourself to use. Which means you will no longer is likely to be forgetting to use the coupons you’ve digitally saved. The app tells you as you get into the store. Definitely, a software worth having on your own smartphone if you need to save money and find the best deals.


DealNews is also making our set of the apps like Slickdeals that you might want to test out. This really is one of the greatest apps on the market and it’s free on both iOS and Android. This app organizes all the deals by the category. The technology category is definitely the one that provides the absolute most deals, but many other categories see a lot of deals as well.

You can find pictures, which are large in proportions, of each of the featured deals too. You are able to quickly scan for the deals you are seeking or perhaps browse with ease. The app is quite simple to use and the layout of the app on both platforms is great. You can easily move through the featured offers and other categories without wasting much time or anything. The app is also very stable so that it won’t crash for you if you’re moving in involving the categories.

Living Social

Speaking of the greatest apps like Slickdeals, we have to mention Living Social. This is a free app for both iOS and Android. It is one of the greatest places to go if you’re searching for deals and also find deals on your own destinations. You can find digital coupons alongside promotional codes in Living Social. You will have the ability to save on nearly anything you are able to image. Fitness, vacations, events, spas, salons, events, and restaurants.

With the Living Social app, you are able to share the relates with friends and family and family. In addition, you can track the vouchers you’ve purchased using either an expiration date or location. You are able to redeem a huge amount of deals straight from your own mobile device. The app is quite simple to use for both iOS and Android. It is so quick and easy to find everything you are looking for. Better still, is that it does not matter what category the merchandise is in. The app is similar to Slickdeals because you will have the ability to find the best offers for all the things you wish to do.


Lastly, on our list of the finest apps like Slickdeals, we wanted to say Groupon. Groupon is actually probably the best on our list and it can be probably the most common. This is a coupon app and deals app that allows you to save tons of money on things you get every one of the time. Trips, dining, entertainment, and more each is found in Groupon. You are able to save up to 70 percent of those items you acquire the most. The deals may also be from all around the place, in order to look locally or you can look for things in another country if you are about to be on a trip.

You can get savings alerts, which will highlight the deals near you and also get promotional codes you are able to use. These codes can all be utilized right from your mobile device, aside from if you are running on iOS or Android. You are able to redeem your deals from your smartphone too, which means you will not need to ever print. Sharing relates to friends and family can be a feature of this app and you are able to write or read customer reviews as well.

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