Top Apps Like Slack

Slack is a well-known app that you could keep in communication together with your team but if it’s not for afterward you take a look at our set of other apps like Slack that you could download for free or for a tiny subscription.

With over a million downloads and an overall user rating of 4.4 Slack has proven to become a reliable team communication app around the world. This app helps reduce how many emails you obtain and need to send, minimize enough time you spend in meetings and lets you obtain more done when it comes to projects.

With the Slack app, you are able to message in real time, share your files for a one-to-one or group meetings, instantly sync across all devices and integrate with Dropbox, Asana, Google Drive, Twitter, and others. The Slack developers say this app is scientifically proven to produce your life easier and to increase production.

This app comes with both a free version and a settled plan. The free version is effective but with the paid plan you obtain added benefits such as extended message history, unlimited integration options, file storage including various other features as well.

Even though the Slack app is an all around the great app to put it to use may not be for everyone. If this app doesn’t quite do the job then take a look at these other amazing apps like Slack to communicate together with your team easily during your projects.


Trello allows you to gain a completely new perspective on your current projects at work or at home. With this specific app, you are able to do anything whether it’s making a short grocery list or managing your complete team. Downloading Trello will allow you to get things done faster and easier. A number of Trello’s features include creating boards to keep organized, use individually or with friends, customize workflows for projects, assign tasks to different team members and so much more. You actually can’t fail with Trello, and that’s why we included it in the very best apps like Slack.


Asana is a superb app to track your team’s progress through projects and get results. When you download Asana, you can create projects and then assign tasks to each member of your team. Some popular features include adding due dates, uploading files, organize task lists, add tasks to projects, get notifications, message individual members, including several others. Why is Asana one of the top apps like Slack is that its free to use?


Azendoo is an app where you can connect together with your team at any time no matter where you are. The cool thing about Azendoo that various other apps like Slack don’t offer is that you could private message members of your team if you want to go over something important. With this specific app, you are able to check members of your team’s activity and search through main topics of the project. Azendoo can easily be integrated with Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box including many others.


This app lets you obtain immediate feedback and reactions from your team members as you progress through projects. With Bitrix24 you won’t have fewer meetings and they may well be more effective because everyone will soon be on a single page.


HipChat is a group messaging app built for teams that desire to be great. With this specific app, you are able to collaborate with teammates, coworkers and others associated with the same projects, be more productive as a group, share images and files and much more. With only 500,000 downloads, HipChat is one of the newer apps like Slack but don’t let that prevent you from downloading it. Yes, HipChat features ways to attend compete using their competitors but they’re always updating the app with new features to produce collaborating together with your team easier.

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