Top Apps Like Shazam

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Have you ever heard a tune that you’d like to download or tune in to again but don’t know very well what it’s called? We have all been there but do you not have to go during that tragic moment again because we are finding the 5 apps like Shazam to find music, lyrics and TV shows for that matter.

With a huge selection of millions of downloads, Shazam is certainly one of the most used apps on earth for discovering your favorite songs, lyrics, and TV shows.

Shazam allows you to identify music that is playing with only a tap of a button, sing alongside songs utilizing the real-time music lyrics feature, follow favorite artists and much more.

You can also buy music through the Shazam app, stay current with Shazam’s real-time charts, tune in to recommended tracks and share what your hearing along with your friends.

Shazam has many wonderful features but if you intend to make use of a different app then check out the 5 best apps like Shazam below.


MusicID helps you identify music that is playing around you by using your device’s speaker. After you identify the music, quickly write yourself an email in relation to where and why you save the music ID and later choose the song that you liked with only a tap of a button. With MusicID you can even use album art to follow along with your favorite artists. If you need an app to help you figure out what song is playing that MusicID is one of many top apps like Shazam to use.

Sound Search For Google Play

The Sound Search app can allow you to recognize the music playing around you with a press of a button. It’s not a surprise that Google also comes with an app where you are able to identify music that is playing. With Sound Search, you’ll find out what the songs are which are playing right from the home screen, buy songs recognized right from Google Play, keep a listing of all of the past songs identified and so much more. If you should be thinking about one of the very trusted apps like Shazam then try Sound Search today.


SoundHound comes full with a lot of wonderful features to really get your favorite songs to play. SoundHound allows you to also search for songs you intend to play, browse for top hits and purchase songs or albums. If you will need a music app with amazing features then SoundHound may be one of the best apps like Shazam for you.


Musixmatch has the same features as other apps like Shazam but they also offer an additional great feature that they don’t have. This implies, even though you don’t know what, you are able to sing along to the song by considering your phone or tablet. You can also play YouTube videos entirely screen, share favorite songs and much more.


TrackID is another music recognition app that you could download for free. With TrackID, you are able to recognize songs playing around you within seconds, watch music videos, explore artists biographies, discover songs on the TrackID Charts and more. TrackID is reported to be one of the best apps like Shazam for recognizing songs playing. With a couple of new updates, the interface is very user-friendly.

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