Top Apps Like Science Journal

Here are a few great apps for Science Journal as you are able to download to your iOS and Android devices. Science Journal is an excellent app to use but if you are looking for some alternatives then you can certainly try a number of the apps listed below.

The Science Journal app is a new app developed by Google to let people engage in their very own science experiments on their phone or handheld device. This app enables you to organize your findings, ideas, predictions onto one platform while also adding your own personal notes.

After doing a lot of research on your science project, you should use this app to conclude your findings and produce an ending result. Science Journal is ultimately another lab notebook as you are able to carry with you wherever you go. If you adore doing science experiments then this is a good app to have.

If this app doesn’t quite work-out for afterward you have a look at these other apps like Science Journal as you are able to download free of charge or pay for.


Hivebench is the app that offers you all you need to be able to do science research and projects. With this app, you can plan your project, experiment it and publish it so others will get your results. Hivebench was developed by professional biologists intended for biologists. Like other apps like Science Journal, Hivebench lets you remain in front of the trend by providing you the equipment to find out new scientific breakthroughs. The app even keeps your IP secret in case you think your findings should really be patented.


Findings is another lab notebook that enables you to organize all your science experiments easily into one place. On this app, you can assign experiments with specific projects to tell you that is more important to focus on, store your results alongside your notes after work is completed, manage multiple science projects at once and more. Findings offer a free version to download and an expert version which costs $49. Findings are one of the very most comprehensive apps like Science Journal that people have found on the internet and recommend it to anyone who’s buying a lab notebook to use.


Labfolder is a free digital lab notebook currently only available for iOS devices. This app is perfect for documenting, organizing and sharing your recent findings. Labfolder has a powerful set built right into the app to let you find all your documents with ease. The nice thing concerning this app that differs from other apps like Science Journal is as you are able to focus on science projects on your own or in a group together with your colleagues. Not only is Labfolder an electronic digital lab notebook nonetheless it works as a task management system as well. If you never want to pay for a lab notebook app then we encourage you to download this app and give it a try.

PLOS Reader

PLOS Reader is the perfect app for you yourself to study contents from other journals like PLOS One, PLOS Biology, PLOS Medicine, PLOS Genetics, PLOS Pathogens including several others. If you wish to get a leg through to everybody else then we recommend downloading this app to understand whatever you can. Like other apps like Science Journal, you can even upload your own personal documents and findings to the app to examine later as well. If you should be buying a free app to examine the entire world of science from then we recommend downloading PLOS Reader today.

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