Top Apps Like Pushbullet

Have you been searching for some good apps like Pushbullet as you can’t spend the money for pro version any further? Don’t worry, we have you covered with some good alternatives below.

Pushbullet is one of the finest apps of its kind; however, they have recently created a master version that lots of people can’t afford. Though the pro version is just a little pricey it will come set with amazing features. With Pusbullet, it’s quite simple to stay linked to people around you, if you are on your computer or handheld device. Not only will you send and receive SMS messages from your computer, but you may also send files between devices to your friends.

Don’t ever miss a notice with the Pushbullet app. With this particular app, you can see all of your phone’s notifications from the comfort of your computer. If you dismiss a notification on your computer, it will also disappear on your own phone. If you get a text, you no longer have to spend time walking to your phone and texting from it. Instead, text from the comfort of your computer when you receive the message. As we mentioned, this app is full of awesome features, but if it’s you turned away because of the pricey pro version then try these great apps like Pushbullet listed below.

Send Anywhere

If your interested in some apps like Pushbullet then you might want to consider the Send Anywhere app. This app is free to utilize and is sold with a few of the features you’d find in the Pushbullet Pro version. Send Anywhere allows you to easily transfer any file type in one device to a different using Wi-Fi direct. This implies you can transfer files and share links without using all of your phone’s data. You can’t send SMS messages back and forth, but hey this really is free.

mysms – SMS Messenger & SMS Texting

With the Mysms app, it is possible to text, receive text and call notifications, group chat and a whole lot more from your computer utilizing your android number. If you’re buying great way to stay linked to everyone around you whichever device you are on, consider downloading Mysms today.

Mighty Text – SMS Text Messaging

Mighty Text is just a simple app that allows you to send and receive texts from your computer or tablet. Now with Mighty Text, you no longer have to waste time waking up and finding your phone to send text messages. Instead, see who’s texting you from the comfort of your computer or tablet. You can also manage all of your messages at once and text online discreetly.

AirDroid: Remote access & File

The app is perfect for mirroring calls, SMS, and notifications right to your computer. With this particular app, any notifications you obtain on your own Android device now you can get on your own computer. Airdroid allows you to stay connected by having full control over your android device utilizing your computer and is even suitable for popular apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat & Line. Airdroid is unquestionably belonged on the list to discover the best apps like Pushbullet but unfortunately, it’s only for android users.


Pushline is virtually a copycat of Pushbullet but its 100% free to use. That is among why many users of Pushbullet have actually switched to Pushline because both offer most of the same features. With this particular app, you will get notifications, accept or decline calls, send & receive texts, import contacts, hide notifications and a whole lot more, all from your computer. If you intend to try among the most popular apps like Pushbullet then you might want to offer Pushline a try.

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