Top Apps Like Pandora

Pandora Radio is one famous out a many online radio app.  It offers you a vast collection of music station according to a specific genre.  Certainly one of its main feature making this app one of many favorites is its intuitive recommendations predicated on everything you listen.  The bad side of this app is as you are able to only skip 6 songs hourly and only 12 songs per day.  It could be annoying.  The free version is limited to 40 hours of music per months and contains plenty of adds.  So we got you other apps that do as well and even better.  Enjoy !


iHeartRadio let you tune in to your chosen local radio station.  With an increase of than 750 local stations which are all classified by genre or locations.  It’s no more than live existing radio.  You can’t skip a tune and you are stuck with the neighborhood promotions that play on that radio.  No difficulties with the connection.  Quickly and without buffering pause, unlike a great many other radio apps that crash after 15 minutes of play.

Slacker Radio

Build your very own radio station (playlists) with this particular app.  Simply enter some of one’s favorites artists and genre and the app will build a personalized radio for you.  And surprise, this service is free to use!  But similar to free apps, you will have to go through adds to get your content.  Like Pandora, you are limited to several tracks you can skip.

Jango Radio

Well, this app offers a very interesting deal because of its users.  You listen a single add per day and you can access its full content.  Slightly like Slacker radio, tell Jango what genre you like or which artist you like and it will generate for you personally a playlist of similar songs/artists and can make you discover some.

TuneIN Radio

Over 100 000 radio stations and four million on-demand programs and podcasts offered at your hand.  Pretty much a worldwide version of iHeart Radio.  An interesting thing about that app, you can follow sports on it.  TuneIN has the partnership with NHL, MLB, and NFL.  But you’ll need a premium subscription for that (9.99$USD).


That one is really a little less known but I still wonder why because it’s one cool feature that is not in any apps we know.  You are able to record what you are playing!  Tens of thousands of live stereo available simply by entering your location, genre or even a simple keyword.

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