Top Apps Like Offer Up

Offer Up is a well-known app to get and sell your used or new items. It is just a classified ad app that enables you to post ads for free. People can search or explore the ads and find something they need or requirement for cheap. You eliminate old stuff you don’t want and create a little money. You also help others out, too. There are lots of places like Offer Up that you can use to offer your goods. Check out these top 10 apps like Offer Up.


Close5 focuses on your location to find local goods. Unlike Craigslist, there isn’t to click on an area that probably isn’t that near to you. Close5 will see all goods listed within so many miles of the positioning you input. Just key to your location and then what you want to look for and all local ads will appear. If you merely put an area you might find a list of all kinds of items in the area with large pictures to peruse.


Oodle has oodles of goods for you really to buy from other sellers or you could add your own personal goods to produce a little money. Like Close5, Oodle finds ads based on your location. There is apparently a lot of pets on Oodle which can be great because Craigslist frowns upon selling or offering pets on their classified pages.


Recycler is comparable to Offer Up and Craigslist with free ads for just about anything you can imagine. The app helps it be simpler to navigate the listings and even lets you contact sellers directly from the app instead of likely to the website. Recycler includes a bigger concentrate on vehicles, jobs, rentals, and services.


LetGo is quickly becoming a successor to Craigslist. It is just as popular as Offer Up or even more. The app is well-known for its power to auto-fill your ads so you receive them posted quickly. The app scans the image you include and then fills in the information for you. Just fix it up a little if you want to and you’re ready to make money. Finding things to get is just as easy and lets you search near to home.


VarageSale is just a bit different from traditional classified sites and apps because you’ve for connecting your Facebook account to the app. This enables an audience to read the pages of sellers to make sure they are real, legitimate people and not scammers. If there isn’t a Facebook account then don’t bother with this app, but it is ideal for people that have one looking that extra protection.


Selio is just a simple app that lets you post ads quickly or buy things from your local area. It boasts a personal chat option so you can talk to sellers and buyers privately and without giving your contact number or email before you feel safe to accomplish so. It’s the app for the classified website Adoos.

eBay Classifieds

Did you even realize that eBay includes a classifieds section? You spend so much buying items from eBay that you need to have mailed to you, but you can search local sales to find items you can just get from a neighbor. You can even post your own personal sale items locally from the app. It is just a little-known area of eBay that you’ve been passing up on using.


How it works is you list something for free on the app. When another person buys that they pay only shipping to get the item. After this, you receive Yerdle credit that you utilize towards getting other items on the app for free. The more you sell the more you earn so the more you receive for free. It’s a good way to eliminate old junk and get new stuff in return. It isn’t for earning money but swapping goods.


Listia works exactly like Yerdle. You post items for free on the site. Another person uses their credits to buy that and pay shipping to get it. After this, you earn credits to get your own free stuff another person sells. It’s one giant online swap meet. You are able to save tons of money getting things you would like free and eliminating stuff you don’t want cluttering your home anymore. You can even purchase credits which means you don’t really get those items for free but you will get them cheap.


SocialSell is a mixture of classified ads and social networking. Would you browse and join the numerous selling sites on Facebook? This can be like them but it is only about selling all kinds of goods. You are able to follow your preferred sellers, leave comments, and contact sellers privately just like you would on Facebook. It’s selling on social media marketing without the additional social media marketing part you might not wish to bother with. You are able to post your own personal ads for free and the more you sell the more followers you will get and sell more.

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