Top Apps Like Musixmatch

Smartphones and tablets have opened a good selection of possibilities for music lovers. You can store and play all your favorite songs, watch music videos, stream music and you can find apps like Musixmatch that may play music and demonstrate the lyrics because the songs play.

The user can enjoy the songs with the lyrics in the Musixmatch app, and the service is appropriate for lots of the most popular music players which are available.

For fans that might like to do more than just listen to the music, the Musixmatch app can be a great addition to any device. The app has been downloaded by thousands of people and it’s received positive feedback from many users. As a great additional feature, the app may also translate songs into a variety of different languages.

Fortunately, there are many apps which are similar to Musixmatch. Take a look at our picks to find the best apps like Musixmatch.


With TuneWiki, you have a great little app that is similar to Musixmatch. This app gets the music player for playing the songs, it could synch up the lyrics and it has a nice selection of social features that may allow the consumer to share and discover songs. The same as other apps like Musixmatch, the TuneWiki app may also translate lyrics into a variety of languages. The free version of the app does provide the essential functions of the music player with the lyrics and it does have a number of the social features. However, there is a TuneWiki Pro. With the Pro service, you may not have to cope with the ads that help to aid the free services, and there is an expanded selection of features for social sharing and music discovery.


To state that Shazam belongs on the list of the greatest apps like Musixmatch is a little an understatement. With Shazam, you can listen to music with the lyrics and it gives a selection of other services that help to aid the overall experience. Shazam is primarily marketed as a song finder app. If you wish to get the name of a song or the artist, the Shazam app is ideal for that. Along with that, you could add lyrics with the tap of the button, find links to get the songs, browse the charts to see what songs are popular and it can recommend music, based on your listening history.


That is an app that’s supported by LyricWikia, a fan-sourced lyric database. With so many contributors, it’s among the largest lyric databases you will find, and it could integrate along with your phone or tablet for seamless operation. With the Lyrically app, you can get the lyrics to the song currently playing on your device, and you will look up lyrics with the search feature. Distinctive from other apps like Musixmatch, Lyrically does not have a unique music player, but it does support all the common music players that you’d have on your device. The app occasionally hits on the incorrect lyrics, however, it has an intuitive interface and the app is easy to use.


For apps like Musixmatch, AirLyrics is a great alternative. It generally does not have a unique music player, however, it does work in the backdrop to obtain the lyrics to the song that’s currently playing. It has a nice library of song lyrics, it’s accurate in its lyrics to search and it works together with a good quantity of music players. The only downside is that app is not available for iOS devices. But when you have Android, this really is an app that looks good and it performs well for the intended purpose.


Lyric is an app that’s a small simplified version of lots of the other lyric finder apps like Musixmatch. It doesn’t have a music player like lots of the other apps and it doesn’t offer a bunch of features. Instead, it is just a simple app that works along with your music player to offer you the lyrics to the song that’s playing. Some individuals might want every one of the extra features, but if you only want the lyrics, then this is a great option. The simplicity helps it be very easy to use and it has a large catalog of song lyrics.

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