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With packed with filters to take selfies, this app can make you send funny pictures to your friend.  With more than 12 filters to utilize for free to test the app, if you prefer it you can purchase more and discover its full potential.  It features a good face-detection program that produces filters realistic.  Have fun.  The free version is enough for you yourself to have a great time with.

Wickr Me

Wickr offers full privacy to another person.  You are able to send messages, pictures or video for some time you choose.  You want your picture simply to be viewed on 06/06/2017 between 2 pm and 4 pm, well you can certainly do that with this particular app.  Afterwards, the content will disappear and never to be recovered.


Another great face recognition filter app here.  You can also edit and modify pictures.  There are over 100 different filters to have fun with while you are capturing or videos.  Or simply just modify a picture to help you look perfect on it.  This app can help you have a great time and look great.


Also virtually like Snapchat, Snow has far more emphasis on filters providing you more crazy and ridiculous pictures to send to your friends.  For the remainder, it is a copy/paste of Snapchat.  It is only available on IOS though.

Cyber Dust

Also called Dust, it is often compared to Snapchat, it can give the very same service but will allow you to a little more.  Not merely pictures, videos, and messages have timer but also URL and documents that you return to someone.

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