Top Apps Like Moosejaw X-RAY

Technologies of augmented reality continue to conquer the mobile applications sector. These technologies are employed today for several purposes, and they’re mobile games, they’re works of virtual art, it is regional information and navigation, and it is advertising. Dodgy advertisers were among the first ever to master the augmented reality.

Another example of this application may be the Moosejaw X-RAY applet, which advertises the Moosejaw clothing chain, more specifically, a new catalog, an upgrade of winter months wardrobe. The developers of this application are determined to provide people what they have been dreaming of for a lengthy time.

For example, on one of many photos in the winter months clothes catalog, we see a beautiful girl. The traditionally lustful strong 1 / 2 of humanity willy-nilly thinks: what is under this jacket and panties? Well, women also think so if the photo shows a handsome macho.

By installing the augmented reality app Moosejaw X-RAY on a smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android platforms, an individual opens the directory, points the camera on the unit, and sees these models within their underwear. And this effect isn’t found in vain: the catalog of winter clothes adds a directory of underwear.

Here’s the list of best Apps Like Moosejaw X-RAY. Let’s explore it.

Body Scanner Camera prank App

The application for smartphones, “Body Scanner Camera prank,” was created specifically for those users who do not represent their life without jokes and fun.

Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot.

Look over the special scanner on the underwear of your pals! All that’s necessary is to point the camera at your pals, and you’ll have the ability to see them naked! This application will allow you to play friends! They’ll believe you genuinely see them naked through clothes.

Girl Cloth Scanner Prank

This can be a comic application for cellphones, increasing the phone equipped with a camera, the big event of an individual scanner. Removing a person to the camera program removes clothing and shows you a naked body.

X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator

X-Ray Scanner simulator- play your pals, inform them that the phone is equipped with an X-ray capability. This application will allow you to show this. This system is intended for users over 18 years of age! Selecting the most appropriate moment, you possibly can make fun of your pals, raising yourself and their mood. Imitation of cool X-ray images is exceptionally realistic.

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