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One of the most informative resources, both for doctors and non-specialists. Medscape is something such as a universal medical reference book, including original articles on varied subjects, news from the world of medicine, annotations to medicines, tests due to their compatibility, etc. The applying is completely free but you will need to join up an account (also for free).

With a convenient and simple interface, a great search option and a database that covers an endless choice of monographs, clinical images, game titles for research and manipulation, a lot more than 7,000 reviews of medications, instructions for drugs, Medscape have been acknowledged by many practitioners around the world.

Skyscape Medical Library

One of the tools for the regions of our planet, by which there’s no regular medical care, created by Health eVillages. This application is suited to doctors, nurses, medical students and other health professionals. Skyscape is just a universal reference by which you’ll find any information linked to medical topics, from the anatomical atlas to practical recommendations for managing patients with a certain disease. Also, in Skyscape, there’s a well-known pharmacological guide RxDrugs, a large number of monographs and built-in calculators. There is additional paid content.

Medical Terminology and Abbreviations

There are more than 1000 medical terms and abbreviations, deciphered in English. This program allows you to quickly learn and understand complex medical terminology. Ideal for medical students to improve their knowledge.

Latin medical terms dictionary

The dictionary of medical requirements is a course that’ll be useful not just for doctors but in addition to representatives of other professions, for folks who value their health. It includes Latin-English, English-Latin dictionaries of the most common medical terms. To modify between dictionaries, it’s enough just to click on the screen in the right place. Navigation application is quite convenient, it allows in a few seconds to find everything you are looking for. A dictionary was designed for students of medical universities, nonetheless, it turned out that it is also relevant for folks who have nothing related to health care.

Medical Dictionary Offline

Medical Reference is an offline encyclopedia of medical terms right on your device. More than 30 thousand of thematic articles. We are able to safely recommend a guide for students of medical universities and practitioners (as a crib, which can be always at hand).

Medical Dictionary Free

Medical books are thick and dusty books, with not one hundred pages. Carrying it everywhere is quite problematic, but they have to know the apparent symptoms of a certain disease is quite important. The name in excess of 32,000 diseases – the description of most this you’ll find in this electronic medical reference book. You only have to install it on your device, choose the category you’re interested in, enter a term, and browse the information. The database is up-to-date and periodically updated.

Medical Dictionary

This application is just a directory of medical terms and concepts. The appendix contains about 180 000 terms of different branches of medicine. You can find not just the meaning of the idea you’re interested in but in addition a quick description of the diseases. A lot of the terms have audio voice acting and are followed closely by pictures for more in-depth learning

Psych Terms

This application is just a reference book in terms of psychology, psychiatry, and mental health. Contains the complete group of concepts. All definitions are presented in a convenient format, you can work with the application form without connecting to the Internet, quickly searching for the specified word.

Medical Terminology

Medicine is a complicated science. A huge number of terms is not easy to keep in mind, and the main thing is to know them. The applying is made not just for folks who are directly involved with medicine but in addition to individuals who would like to understand the illness on their own.

Oxford Medical Dictionary

Concise Oxford Medical – Oxford Medical Dictionary. This medical dictionary involves over 10,000 terms and definitions used in modern medicine. Many are followed closely by illustrations and diagrams. You are also able to search utilizing the voice command. There is the ability to store data dictionary to a memory card or to the device memory to work with them offline.

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