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Kik Messenger can be an app-based alternative to standard texting.  Very cool features available as add-ons, you are able to download other apps like video and sketchpad.  You will see when the other has read your message.  You can message a certain person, friends or post on the social network.  It is really a nice new way to communicate with lots of features other messaging app doesn’t offer.  But other apps will let you do as much and even more or simply just in a way Kik does not have.


Yeah, I knew you’d guess that one was on the list.  Simply because it is hugely famous.  Even if it was acquired by Facebook, the app did certainly not change for now.  It is especially good when you are roaming with your phone.  Don’t pay roaming fees, just get yourself a Wi-Fi connection and message free of charge utilizing your phone number.  The difference with this specific app is as possible change the background of your message window, not many apps will let you accomplish that


With currently 8 million users worldwide, this app has a great deal to offer.  Also good while roaming because not only it will let you text, it will even let call other users of this app.  Just get yourself a Wi-Fi connection and call/text around you want without incurring any long-distance/roaming charges.  If your friends have the app, you are able to directly use their phone number.

Wickr Me

Yep, that’s right.  It will let you secretly message a person with exactly the same app.  Messages will automatically disappear after a set time.  You select just how long you want your message to be available and you send it.  Not only messages, pictures, videos and voice messages may have exactly the same feature.  Perfect for personal or professional use.  Your messages are now disposable!


One of the best apps like Kik is Tango.  Here is the perfect mix of a messaging app and a cultural media app.  Think of MSN Messenger meet Facebook.  You can message close ones as well as go into large public discussions (max of 300 people).  You can go and chat with a random person if you wish to as you can find 300 million people applying this app.  Video calls are available but only in a one-on-one format and you are able to share photos or wear it your profile.


You never need an account for it, KakaoTalk uses your phone number.  Using its 150 million users you are able to talk to you want.  You can use it on multiple cellular devices and surprise, there’s also a PC version available.  This app can be used as a cultural media by looking and chatting with a not known person or group of people.  Though it uses your cell contact number, you cannot directly communicate to a different mobile device or landline.  Basically, only in-app communications are possible with this specific app.

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