Top Apps Like Instagram

Instagram is one of the newer social media networks in comparison with giants like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. However, Instagram has grown rapidly and now has over 1 billion active users. Together with the most popular photo sharing social media platforms online, Instagram is actually worth discovering.

However, not everybody enjoys the Instagram platform. Some simply want to get more features and capabilities in one single app. For those of you who want much more from the photo-sharing platforms, we’ve located the most effective apps like Instagram for Android and iOS devices.

Whether you intend to share photos of one’s daily activities as well as if you intend to grow your business online, these Instagram alternatives will make it possible.


Flickr is one of the better social media apps like Instagram designed for phones, tablets, and computers. With this handy little app, you will be able to talk about photos with the world. Among the cool things about Flickr is as you are able to create cloud-based photo albums that then you’re able to share together with your family and friends. Flickr has been around for a while, but it’s the Flickr app that actually made it go viral. Don’t lose out on this Instagram alternative and start sharing photos with the entire world today!


Another impressive option to Instagram is Tumblr. While this tool originally started as a way for individuals to produce free blogs online, it’s evolved into so much more than that. Tumblr is currently one of the very respected and most visited photos sharing platforms on the internet. Using their mobile app for phones and tablets, you will easily have the ability to view all sorts of images, links, gifs and more. Ensure that you download Tumblr right now if you’re looking for the best apps like Instagram and we guarantee that you won’t be let down.


However, it’s evolved through the years into a very lively and interactive photo and link sharing platform. Whether you’re trying to find awesome Harley Davidson paint jobs as well as if you intend to get tips on the best way to refinish your basement, Pinterest has it all. Along with awesome jokes, memes, funny pics and stuff to see when you’re bored, Pinterest is certainly among the most effective photo sharing apps designed for Android, iOS and online.

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