Top Apps Like iFunny

Do you want to make time overlook fast by considering some funny pictures and gifs? With apps like iFunny, you will ensure that you pass the time quickly while viewing several the funniest photos around the internet.

This app was this type of big hit that many other apps are interested in starting popping up through the place. This isn’t this type of bad thing, though, since it pushes the apps to get more funny pictures.

This app is for everybody who loves laughing and must accelerate time throughout a slow day. If you enjoy considering several the funniest, weirdest stuff, then iFunny is an excellent choice for you.

Since the launch of iFunny, the app has grown to countless downloads and a 4.4 user rating. Now, if that isn’t saying how great of an application it’s, then I don’t know very well what will.

IFunny may not be your chosen app, and if this is the case, then glance at similar apps like iFunny below. Each app has different features, so make sure that you read the descriptions of each one.

LOL Pics

LOL Pics has existed for about five years and has been among the utmost effective choices for funny pictures, GIFs, jokes, and memes. This app is set with so much funny material that the common user spends over 10 minutes about it each day.

Why is LOL Pics a great app? Can it let the users upload their funny pictures to go viral? The top funny pictures will make it to LOL Pics main feed, that would be you! If you like one of the many most excellent apps like iFunny, then you have to make use of LOL Pics today.

Face Changer

Face Changer ads an original twist to funny pictures. Using this app, you can replace different face parts, including eyes, noses, and hairstyles. Yes, you can also make someone bald! You can even make faces fat or skinny, make pointy ears, and so much more. Other features include texting and drawing on the photos and an alternate to share with your friends.


Another app that offers you some of the very funniest material is 9GAG. This app has so much fun stuff for you personally yourself to consider. You will be laughing for days. Once you download 9GAG, you access several of the funniest pictures, GIFs, videos, fails, wtf moments, etc.

Every day, 9GAG has new material for you personally yourself to own a glance at, so you’d wish to log in to the app regularly so that you do not miss out on some pretty awesome stuff. If you need to find one of many most excellent apps like iFunny that offers you lots of material, download 9GAG today.

Photo Warp

Photo Warp is a fun app where you can have a picture of that person or someone else’s face make funny changes to it. You can warp, distort, and bend the facial skin area any way you want to make the funniest selfie.

With so many features, most notable app, you can pretty much do anything you need with the picture. You can even get yourself skinny, fat, or buff. Once you’re complete with the concept, please save it to your gallery and share it with your entire friends. If you want to develop into a plastic surgeon, then Photo Warp is one of many most excellent apps like iFunny for you.

Face Swap Booth

With over 2.5 million users globally and someone rating of 3.9, Face Swap Booth is among typically the most popular apps like iFunny today.

With Face Swap Booth, you can swap faces across multiple photos, swap faces with celebrities, save looks from utilizing with other images, select from numerous pre-loaded celebrity faces, etc. You can find other apps like iFunny that’ll have an event swap feature; however, not one of them comes next to the Face Swap Booth.

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