Top Apps Like Ibotta

Ibotta, the perfect app to truly save money.  It provides you with some dough once you shop, eat at a restaurant, travel, groceries and the list goes on.  It is the greatest known option for couponing.  And it certainly works.  I friend of mine saved 800$ in per year employing this app.  So just why something different?  You might improve cashback depending on the time of the season or everything you are looking for.  It is always best to look around.

Coupon Sherpa

Why obtain a cash back when you can have an instantaneous discount instead?  Coupon Sherpa let you do this.  It has a store locator feature that enables you to know where you are able to and should utilize the app.  Easy to good use so stop cutting coupons!

Checkout 51

This app is specialized in groceries.  So it indicates so it has the better discount than other apps as it only does this.  What is awesome about this particular app is that you never need to buy specific things.  Just scan your receipt and send it to them.


Virtually like Checkout 51 but has a nice feature in it.  With the option ”new to market”, get new stuff to try for free!  Then scan your receipt and receive the refund for your free sample and rebate for the rest of one’s purchases.  Unfortunately unavailable in U.S and Canada.


If a store has a price match policy, well you need this app.  You’re at the store and see something that interests you but you wish to know if elsewhere will be less expensive for that item?  Just scan the barcode and you’ll see where that item can be acquired at its cheapest according to your location.   An absolute must-have!


This app is slightly different.  That you do not need a receipt or barcode a cashier must scan.  Just enter a shop and open the app.  This simple action can make you earn profit kind of gift cards.  With currently one million users that use this app, it will cause it to be one of the best apps like Ibotta

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