Top Apps Like Google Maps

Google Maps is easily the most popular navigation app on the market. However, this doesn’t ensure it is the best free navigation app and there are numerous apps like Google Maps which actually provide better and more accurate results.

Whilst the maps and navigation services provided by Google Maps are great, the Google Maps alternatives listed below offer similar, if not better results. We made sure to only include the best free navigation apps designed for all devices so you never have to bother about getting lost. Navigation apps are highly useful whether you’re in the center of an area or out in the center of nowhere.

Here WeGo

The Here WeGo app is one of the very beautiful apps like Google Maps available. While Google Maps could be the golden standard in navigation for cellphones, Here WeGo brings you one of the greatest alternatives to Google Maps ever created. With a user-friendly interface, you will begin to have the ability to get directions to any location.


MapQuest has been around for over a decade and it was once a great Google Maps competitors until Google launched their Street View feature. However, MapQuest is no longer the lame and ugly navigation system so it used to be. The user interface has been entirely redesigned, placing it one of the better navigation apps for Android and iOS devices. You may also integrate Uber and car2go, allowing you to compare costs, estimated time of arrival and so much more. Ensure that you download MapQuest for free and you may never get lost again.

Bing Maps

Bing is Google’s main competitor, rendering it no surprise that Bing Maps is one of the greatest apps like Google Maps available. With impressive 3D maps, highly accurate ETAs and the capability to detect traffic jams, you will always arrive promptly when working with Bing Maps. You can quickly seek out nearby gas stations, banks, drug stores and so much more. If you’re trying to find alternatives to Google Maps which are virtually identical in design and features, look no longer than Bing Maps!

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