Top Apps Like Google Duo

These apps like Google Duo are good for video calling and staying touching your pals and family across the world.

Google Duo is really a new one to 1 video app designed with an easy interface for anyone to use. Because it’s another app created by the Google developers team, you understand its a trusted app to use.

What is exclusive concerning the Google Duo app is as possible video call your pals across both Android and iOS devices. That means someone with an Android device can call someone else using an iOS device.

Another cool feature about Google Duo is that you will see who is calling you before you pick up with the Duo’s live preview. With Google Duo, you’re also going to have high-quality video viewing, and faster and more reliable video requires both WiFi and on the go.

In the event that you still want to see several other apps like Google Duo then browse the list below. They’re the very best apps we have discovered for you to download for free.


FaceTime is a common video calling app for iOS users and is one of the most used apps like Google Duo in the world today. This app is indeed simple to use, that it literally requires a click of a button to video call one of your pals or family members. When someone is wanting to achieve you, FaceTime will ring your Mac or mobile device to alert you of the call. FaceTime allows you to carry a movie call anywhere at anytime.


Skype has been around for quite a while but nevertheless remains one of the greatest apps like Google Duo to video call and stay touching people you care about. Not just does Skype enable you to video call one to 1 but you are able to group chat with around 25 people and group message around 300 people. If you have lots of friends you’ll need in which to stay touch with and you intend to lessen important computer data plan then Skype might be that answer to your problems.


Hangouts offer more than just voice and video calling friends and family members. With this specific app, you can also message people you intend to stay associated with, send hangouts, call any contact number in the world free of charge and much more. If you’re searching for the app with many more features apart from video calling then try Hangouts today;.


Another simple app for video and voice calling is JusTalk. This app simplifies the idea of staying touching people by limiting it to just video and voice calling features. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not just a good app. Many people like simple apps where they can just click a button and video chat someone rather than scroll through all of the features they don’t really need. JusTalk also allows you to doodle while video calling for many added fun. JusTalk is one of the similar apps like Google Duo on the market today.


Rated one of the most favored apps like Google Duo, IMO allows you to make free high-quality video calls to individuals who you want in which to stay touch with. If you’re seeking to cut your phone bill by 50 percent but nevertheless want to really make the same level of calls and messages then you need to consider downloading IMO.

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