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Frostwire is used as a P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing file application which allows users to download the file (music, video, document… everything) onto your smartphone.  It is a good and popular service but to us, it lacks content and more specific search tend to be hard to find.  One nice feature though is that you can enter an URL and download your file from the URL.  However, many apps which are better are actually out there and this is actually the list of the finest of them.  This post is more for Android user as Apple doesn’t love those forms of apps.

You can find a lot more apps like Frostwire available but after a few tests, you can find none which are good enough to be on this post and only at, we should give you the best.  Sometimes it happens that posts are short as a result of bad qualities of some apps.


This perfect app enables you to download any torrent you will discover online.  No need to copy/paste URL.  Just go on your browser, find the torrent and tap on it.  Your device will ask you to open it using Flud and there you go.  It will show you at what speed your file is downloading.  You can control the speed of the uploads (if you haven’t used it to 0).  General rule: the more upload you allow, the faster your files will download.  Once your file downloaded, just prest on pause to immediately stop the upload.  Flud adds free


Well, this one is just a classic.  It has existed for quite some time already.  Just put your torrent in BitTorrent and allow it to do the job.  Get your file within a few seconds (or minutes depending on the size of the file).  Quick, easy and simple to use.


With Vuze, that you do not need to locate torrent on a website browser.  Just take action straight from the app.  Once you have it, download it to your phone.  Pretty much like Frostwire.  It includes a free version (that is packed with adds for sure) and a paid version that adds free.


This 1 is also really known already with increased than 2 800 000 downloads in the google play store.  The difference with this specific app is that you can connect your desktop version to your mobile version and manage your torrents everywhere.

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