Top Apps Like Freedom

Are you currently having difficulty studying because you are to busy considering social media marketing or other distracting websites? If so, then try one of these brilliant apps like Freedom to stop you from being distracted.

Freedom is certainly one of typically the most popular apps for disabling network capabilities on your pc for a maximum of eight hours at any given time. This app is perfect for freeing you from any distractions you will find on the net like Facebook, Twitter, and other websites that stop you from completing what must be done. By the end of the time that you have set to disable your network, Freedom will automatically restore your computer to networking capabilities making everything back again to normal.

Freedom is just one app that frees you from distractions. Have a consider the other best apps for Freedom that you can even download to stop you from procrastinating.


StayFocused is an app that you could download from Google Chrome which will stop you productive by restricting the quantity of time you are able to devote to distracting websites. With this specific app, you can easily choose the sites you wish to block which can be time-wasting for you.

When you have used all your time on the sites you have chosen, they will be inaccessible for the rest of the day. If you wish to actually get work done on the pc then StayFocused must be in your head for starters of the best apps like Freedom to use.


Anti-Social is an app for iOS users that block social media marketing content from sites including widgets and popups. This app provides a litter-free environment to give you a faster browsing experience while searching around on the internet.

Some of the popular features include blocking social media marketing content, page pop-ups, and social widgets and boosts load time with websites. If you like want of better apps like Freedom to block annoying content while searching then consider using Anti-Social.

Cold Turkey

Another app that enables you to block sites that easily distract you is Cold Turkey. Yes, I believe nearly all of you have heard the expression “cold turkey” in regard to somebody who just quits from a bad habit and never having to do anything. Well, this app works in the same way.

This app will automatically remove distracting websites so you can quit procrastinating and never have to do anything. We think this is one of the best apps for Freedom to accomplish your work on time.


If you are a Mac user and are looking for one of the very most efficient apps like Freedom you then need to consider the SelfControl app. With SelfControl, you are able to block access to distracting websites, email servers, or other distracting things on the internet.

This app allows you to stay control while also enabling you to focus on which really needs to get done. All you have to accomplish is just a set a period limit to block necessary sites and get work done.

Stop Procrastinating

The Stop Procrastinating app is one of the very most in-depth apps like Freedom that you could download. You are able to download this app for Windows or Mac just for $4.99 and if it doesn’t help you receive work done you will get your money back.

Stop Procrastinating has 3 alternatives for blocking the web or individual sites and emails, a set of work goals to help you boost your concentration, and much more. Try this app today and boost your grades and concentration.

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