Top Apps Like Evernote

In regards time to keep an eye on important info, note-taking apps like Evernote is a superb way to keep organized. Evernote is user-friendly, it’s 100% free and you are able to take as numerous notes as you like. On top of that, the Evernote app enables you to synchronize your entire information along with your cell phone, desktop, laptop, and tablet. Whether you have a hard time monitoring your notes as well as if you wish to store important info in a safe place, Evernote is the way to go. We created a list of apps like Evernote so you can find the exact same type of services. Explore our set of Evernote alternatives below now and you’ll never have a hard time monitoring information again.


SimpleNote is one of the greatest apps much like Evernote, which is available for iOS and Android devices. If you’ll need a quick and simple method to keep an eye on information, that is it. Just open up a brand new note and instantly begin typing. Notes can easily be organized, which makes it simple for you yourself to keep an eye on a lot of different notes. Download SimpleNote for free and you won’t regret it.

Google Keep

Another among the excellent apps like Evernote is Google Keep. This colorful app enables you to add a number of items into your notes such as for instance images, maps and more. You can make each note an alternative color, which simplifies the procedure of organizing your information. Google Keep has been installed between 100 to 500 million times on Android devices alone, so check it out now for free!

Microsoft OneNote

One of many great things about Microsoft OneNote is that is synchronized easily with your entire Microsoft devices. Including your Windows computer, which makes it simple for you yourself to access your notes from anywhere. OneNote enables you to draw directly into the notes, you may also type as well as paste information found on the internet. Explore Microsoft OneNote as among the top Evernote alternatives online.


The final option on our set of apps like Evernote is Quip. This user-friendly note taking app is free and offers you a fantastic user interface. You are able to quickly develop a new note and you are able to instantly begin typing or pasting information including photos. One of many great things about this Evernote alternative is as you are able to share the notes with friends or colleagues, which makes it easier to work with group projects.

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